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Together with diva-e a strong team for excellent data-driven marketing

Data-driven marketing is steadily gaining relevance. As a result, Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) are becoming increasingly important. They accelerate data processing and deliver relevant insights about your customers. Together with our partner Adverity, we advise you on data solutions, how you can use them and carry out the technical implementation.

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Frank Rauchfuß
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Your Challenge: Managing Complex Marketing Data

Preparing data for basic analysis and reporting is very labour-intensive and therefore time-consuming. In fact, according to Adverity, many analysts and marketing managers spend most of their day doing this, with little time actually using the numbers to improve business performance and the customer experience. Yet marketing data provides valuable insights to give customers what they expect:

  • Customers want personalised offers that are optimally tailored to their needs.

  • Customers are on the move on more and more channels, the number of touchpoints is increasing.

  • Volumes of data have to be processed in order to provide usable information quickly and at the same time protect it from unauthorised access.

Often, a lack of filtering and selection slows down your marketing decisions. But your marketing budget must cover all platforms, regions and partners while optimising ROI. New technologies can help you do this as an engine of growth.

Our solution: Implement specialised data software

To provide you with the perfect team for successful data-driven marketing, diva-e complements its own data-driven business and performance marketing expertise with software from data specialist Adverity. Our technology partner's innovative Customer Data Platform (CDP) extracts, harmonises and analyses data to deliver meaningful insights and analytics to advertisers and branders, driving greater customer centricity

diva-e Services: Premium partner for the implementation of "Adverity One"

diva-e takes over the implementation of the customer data platform "Adverity One" as a premium partner and also offers consulting services via the Client Success Management Team.

With its SaaS solution, Adverity provides a central platform for intelligent marketing analytics as well as adaptive dashboards and reports on marketing activities that enable rapid decision-making. Clients also gain automated access to all data sources through the CDP.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, smart analytics are possible. Visual analytics and interactive dashboards give you insight into all important KPIs. Furthermore, the platform-independent software offers flexibility and adaptability through a variety of connectors and linked tools.

Adverity tools at a glance:

  • Data collection

  • Data harmonisation

  • Storage

  • Visual analytics

  • Predictive Analytics

  • Prescriptive analytics

  • Intelligent workflows

Turn data into meaningful insights

Adverity's intelligent marketing analytics platform empowers you to make better, more informed decisions and improve your marketing performance faster and easier through data-driven marketing. By transforming siloed data into actionable insights, Adverity reduces investment in multichannel campaigns.

What can a Customer Data Platform (CDP) do?

Data is still used far too little in a purposeful way to improve the bottom line and the customer experience. The number of touchpoints is increasing rapidly, so the corresponding background data must be processed quickly in order to meet the enormously increased customer expectations. A Customer Data Platform accelerates these processes. A Customer Data Platform is a database software that creates permanent and consistent records of customer data and attributes and uses them to derive complete and individual customer images. To do this, the CDP collects first-party customer data (transactional, behavioural and demographic) from a variety of sources and systems and links this information to customers who have provided the data.

About Adverity

Software provider Adverity's mission is to empower teams to effortlessly harness data and turn it into meaningful insights, decisions and actions. Headquartered in Vienna with offices in London and New York, the company was founded in 2015 and supports the marketing intelligence of leading brands and agencies worldwide. Learn more at

diva-e Data Business Competencies

Our specialists at diva-e offer comprehensive expertise in data business, operations and software. We accompany you from the decision to the operation of your customer data platform: With our data and tech know-how, we already support you in the collection of your essential use cases and in the process of technology selection. Our implementation experts take over the adaptation to your exact requirements.