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diva-e is a digital pioneer in the use of hybrid headless CMS

Since 2003, global brands have relied on dotCMS to deliver content-driven applications at scale. Based on leading Java technology, dotCMS is the open source CMS preferred by organizations in highly regulated industries where governance, security and compliance are critical. dotCMS is a hybrid headless CMS that combines the developer freedom of a headless CMS with the ease of use of a traditional platform. You can create flexible, reusable content for any channel, all from a central hub.

Intuitive code-free content modeling, visual editing, and custom workflows enable marketers to work faster without relying on IT, and give developers the freedom to create innovative front-end experiences in the framework of their choice. The comprehensive API-first architecture allows dotCMS to fit into any technology stack and makes it easy to add new functionality.

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With dotCMS, your business benefits from:

  1. Rapid developments and short time-to-market

  2. Efficient content structures and easy editing

  3. Future-oriented architectures and technologies

  4. Easy integration into existing IT structures

  5. Cloud or on-premise integration

Benefits of dotCMS




Visual editing tools

Governance features

Real multi-tenancy

No-code content modeling

Multilingual personalization

Content as a Service

Powerful image processing

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