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Secure housing and hosting with firstcolo

firstcolo - IT infrastructure provider, which was part of diva-e until the end of 2022 - operates high-availability data centers in Germany. The data center and managed services experts at firstcolo develop customized concepts for you and don't just deliver off-the-shelf products. firstcolo meets the highest security standards while offering individual IT services - certified, secure, dedicated and personal.

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Jerome Evans
CEO firstcolo GmbH (formerly part of diva-e)

New opportunities for data centers from diva-e

firstcolo became part of the Cube Infrastructure Managers infrastructure fund in November 2022

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Continued close partnership between leading digital service provider and firstcolo

Outsourcing IT resources is a big step and must be well thought out. Hosting your data is also part of the future-oriented, holistic digital platforms that diva-e designs and implements together with you: With a demand for the highest flexibility and security standards when it comes to your data and the data of your customers. With its core competencies in colocation and cloud services, managed services and DDoS protection, firstcolo supports our customers and other companies that want to outsource their IT resources in order to save time and money.

Partnering with firstcolo not only saves your financial and human resources, but the data center experts also share their extensive know-how about high availability data centers with you.

Since we know that outsourcing is a big step for companies, we and the experts at firstcolo are there to advise you from the very beginning. Together, we will develop a concept that takes into account all your wishes and requirements for an IT infrastructure. Data protection is also a top priority for us.

In addition to classic colocation and the leasing of server systems, firstcolo's range of services also includes storage-on-demand solutions, backup solutions and cloud services such as virtualization and Kubernetes-as-a-Service.

According to the management consultancy Deloitte, the firstcolo data center is one of the 50 fastest-growing technology companies in Germany.