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diva-e and Segment: More effective marketing with perfectly orchestrated data

Data from various sources is collected in companies over the years - but unfortunately not linked with each other and usually little used. In order not only to store the mass of your data, but also to use it sensibly, a Customer Data Platform (CDP) is the right solution. Together with our partner Segment, we offer you both consulting and technical implementation from a single source.

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Frank Rauchfuß
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The status quo of your data collection

"Data is the new oil". This quote was coined back in 2006. Since then, the world of data collection has radically changed and become infinitely more complex. Data sources distributed throughout the company and across diverse teams, as well as the lack of communication between the data, pose a major challenge.

The analogy with oil can be continued here: Because our data is also just a raw material that needs to be processed. What we need is a "refinery" for our data. Only when all data is bundled together can data-based decisions and corresponding concrete measures be made.

Using collected data effectively

This is where Segment comes in with its Customer Data Platform as a solution. All incoming data is pooled and is available to all employees at all times, completely synchronised.

A significant advantage is the fast integration of data sources. On average, a company needs 160 hours to integrate a new tool:

Thanks to the seamless integration of many data sources, this can be done in a few seconds with Segment:

But integrating the different data sources into a Customer Data Platform is just the start. Merging the data is not the goal, but only a necessary prerequisite for gaining insights about your customers and marketing measures and using them effectively in marketing.

Why choose Segment?

Segment scores with an established technology that has already proven itself in everyday practice. Companies like FOX, Atlassian, GAP, IBM and more rely on the software solution. As a neutral and completely customisable platform, this CDP is ideal if you don't want to be tied to any of the big technology providers. With the multitude of API connectors, you can easily link your e-commerce and marketing suite solutions.

About Segment

Founded in 2011 in California, Segment spent the following years working on data collection and analysis tools. In 2016, CDP really took off when customers were able to bundle all their touchpoint data into one tool with Segment for the first time. Now, over 20,000 satisfied customers rely on Segment and more than 500 employees at locations in the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia make sure it stays that way. Learn more at

diva-e Data Business Competencies

Our specialists at diva-e offer comprehensive expertise in the areas of data business, operations and software. We accompany you from the decision to the operation of your customer data platform: With our data and tech know-how, we already support you in the collection of the use cases that are essential for you and in the process of technology selection. Our implementation experts take over the adaptation to your exact requirements.

What can a Customer Data Platform (CDP) do?

Data is still used far too little in a purposeful way to improve the bottom line and the customer experience. The number of touchpoints is increasing rapidly, so the corresponding background data must be processed quickly in order to meet the enormously increased customer expectations. A Customer Data Platform accelerates these processes. A Customer Data Platform is a database software that creates permanent and consistent records of customer data and attributes and uses them to derive complete and individual customer images. To do this, the CDP collects first-party customer data (transactional, behavioural and demographic) from a variety of sources and systems and links this information to customers who have provided the data.