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The IoT commerce operating system

IoT commerce offers enormous potential for the next generation of e-business applications, which, for the first time, do not primarily consider people as purchasers, but machines, systems, sensors and bots instead. This shifts the demands placed on e-commerce processes and technology. Highly flexible platforms operating as the commerce operating system enable this new type of application.

Spryker’s modular system offers an alternative to the existing choice between powerful enterprise systems, which can often be rigid and inflexible, and in-house development. With 500 modules already included as standard, the Spryker Commerce OS allows manufacturers and retailers a high degree of individuality in creating their own solution, while maintaining agility in implementation and reduced risk through best practice.

Janine Poser
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Janine Poser
Expert E-Commerce Consultant

Our service: One step ahead with diva-e

Machine-to-machine, bot commerce, smart home, smart car, smart factory, smart everything: Spryker's architecture allows you to reach your target audiences and partners across all digital touch points and provide them with products and services. But Spryker does not just give you the building blocks and then leaves you alone. Rapid implementation based on best practice in development, DevOps and continuous delivery allows you to quickly develop your business model, be it a bot, service, app or shop.

In addition to building typical B2B platforms, we see M2M and IoT commerce as drivers for new e-business solutions that are tightly interwoven with Industry 4.0 applications. In addition to technical implementation, the challenge is to find business models that can be monetised directly or indirectly. With diva-e, you have a partner who covers both areas and already has a successful track record.

Our tools: Strategy and consulting

Regardless of whether you are starting up or refocusing, our advice not only takes your company’s unique features, maturity, goals and success factors into consideration, but also the brand’s history and significance as well as previous sales channels. Our multi-sector experience is shaped by B2B and B2C clients and covers the entire e-business value added.

We combine e-commerce know-how and ERP expertise for the greatest benefit to the customer. Our specialists have extensive experience in implementing large to very complex e-commerce platforms. Furthermore, we offer extensive consultancy services for successful e-business, which offer measurable benefits.

In addition to providing infrastructure and applications, diva-e also offers professional support for your application systems. Take advantage of the diva-e-Operations team’s many years of experience.