Global CMS platform for markets and retailers

Brand website and worldwide market presence

Before pro!vision developed the Internet presence for the Audi brand under direct contract, the diva-e subsidiary worked as a subcontractor for various partners. Between major implementation projects, diva-e continued to develop the sites. The Next Generation Website (NGW) project shortened the time-to-web and thus saved considerable costs.

Audi's worldwide websites in more than 80 car markets were created on the basis of Adobe CQ. In addition, extensive dealer networks were established for various markets (USA, Germany, France). With the Vehicle Store, all CMS markets could be automatically supplied with vehicle data. Even markets that did not yet have a Car Configurator or AKEdit/MBV data supply were able to map their complete product data in the websites.


Global internet presence

Audi decided to build an Adobe CQ-based, international and rollout-capable CMS platform for its worldwide sales and marketing sites. The goal was to ensure a uniform corporate identity and to be able to offer up-to-date and accurate product data in all markets.


Connecting websites and vehicles

myAudi and CarNect ("Audi Connect")

In the personalised "myAudi" area on the Audi brand website, customers could easily register and manage their vehicles. Direct access to the multimedia system (MMI) was possible via "Audi Connect." Contact data could be synchronised and forwarded between the computer and the vehicle via the myAudi interface or Google Maps. In addition, customers could share their vehicles with friends in social networks ("online business card").

User tracking, targeting and SEO

The focus of the Audi NGW website development was user tracking and targeting. Integration with the Netmining® personalisation system was used to register visitors' movement patterns on the website and, depending on this, to present suitable teasers and to link them to campaigns ("behavioral targeting"). The Omniture tracking software was used to track visitors' actions and to measure the success of individual campaigns, teasers and website content. An SEO concept was developed to ensure that Audi was well represented in the popular search engines and portals.

Audi partner websites

In several markets (including Germany), a total of several thousand Audi partner/dealer websites were also served from the CMS. For each market, a central editorial team maintained "master sites" as blueprints for retailer websites. On the basis of these "master sites" and supported by special administration tools, new retailer websites could be created and rolled out quickly. The retailer data was automatically imported from a backend system (DSH/KVPS).


Covering the entire sales process

diva-e developed the CQ application "CMS for Importers" for Audi, which was rolled out in over 80 markets worldwide. In addition, a large number of retailer sites were added. Backend systems for product, customer and retailer data were integrated to provide a complete coverage of the entire sales process. The results at a glance:

  • Worldwide brand websites Audi NGW with standard CMS platform for the entire corporation

  • Personalised myAudi area with customer loyalty programs

  • "Audi Connect" integration with access to MMI systems in the vehicle

  • Standalone Audi mobile websites for mobile devices

  • Integration of the national companies' own applications

  • Development of a separate media library

  • Online showrooms as the core

  • Ensure performance for a large number of market and retailer sites

  • Optimised and faster workflow

  • Content inheritance with Multi Site Manager

  • High flexibility while maintaining corporate design

  • Worldwide reusability of marketing material

  • Integration into the Audi IT landscape

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