Targeted data use at Fressnapf by diva-e and Tealium

Fressnapf is Europe's largest specialist retail chain for pet food and accessories. At over 1,650 locations, the Fressnapf team takes care of its large and animal customers. To ensure that an optimal customer approach can also be achieved online, Fressnapf used diva-e's expertise. Fressnapf chose diva-e technology partner Tealium, whose Customer Data Platform (CDP) was implemented at Fressnapf. The goal was a data protection-compliant and results-oriented solution, the implementation of which would benefit Fressnapf in the long term.

In the kick-off meeting, diva-e defined the effort of the MVP (minimal viable product) together with Fressnapf. In addition, a scoping workshop was held. The resulting implementation roadmap was able to define a project schedule that was comprehensible to both sides.


Effective data utilization thanks to CDP

The goal of the collaboration was to gain relevant customer information and thereby improve their experience in the online store. With the help of CDP, historical data from Fressnapf, which previously lay unused in data silos, could be integrated into the new solution. In addition, the platform collects all current data, combines historical with new information and bundles it into an overall view of the respective customer. And it does this in real time. diva-e placed a special focus on automating the exchange of data by using CDP between different marketing tools. In this way, the information gained can be used effectively.


Digital platform based on abobe commerce cloud

After a process of consideration and testing of various providers, Fressnapf opted for an initial setup of the CDP Audience Stream from diva-e technology partner Tealium.

The diva-e team was in constant contact with Fressnapf's data protection officer to ensure data security and sensitive handling of customer data. This was followed by the connection of a total of four data source systems (including online store, CRM data) and six data target systems (including e-mail tool, performance tools, marketing channels). 

Subsequently, the implementation of the MVP use cases in Tealium and the quality assurance started. After successful completion, Fressnapf's old Data Management Platform (DMP) was replaced by Tealium's CDP. The customer segmentation previously carried out in the DMP was taken over by the CDP.


Foundation stone for digital growth

Capturing and merging historical and current data in real time has immense added value for Fressnapf, especially in marketing. The changeover from a DMP to a CDP went efficiently and diva-e created training and education concepts for Fressnapf employees so that the European market leader can remain on track for success with the newly gained expertise and make optimal use of the implemented product. The plan for a further project phase is already in place: more data source systems are to be connected to enable new use cases. This process is essential for the targeted improvement of the user experience.

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