New customer portal for parcel service provider GLS

With diva-e to more customer orientation and transparency

GLS Germany is one of the leading parcel and express service providers in Germany. 8,000 employees guarantee reliable pickup and delivery for 40,000 customers. The service is based on a nationwide road network that ensures regular transit times for parcel shipments: less than 24 hours within Germany and 24-96 hours abroad. In order to satisfy business customers online as well and provide transparent shipment tracking, GLS commissioned transactional experience partner diva-e to develop a new customer portal featuring self-service functionalities and all information on parcel shipping.

Digital touchpoint for new & existing customers
Focus on user experience - orientation to MACH principles
Configuration of the Storyblok CMS by diva-e Experts

Central platform for more transparency

For business customers such as online store owners who send several hundred parcels per week, GLS wanted a platform that made parcel shipping data and documents available at all times. The vision was that this portal would establish itself as a central point for customer communication, increase transparency and enable quick responses. Via the portal, employees of companies in particular who deal with shipping processing, delivery problems and returns handling should be able to get an overview of all current deliveries and sales developments of their orders with just a few clicks.


With 'MACH' to more customer orientation

Thanks to its extensive consulting experience, diva-e was able to quickly find the right content management system and the ideal front-end technology for GLS's requirements. diva-e provided support in configuring the new Storyblok CMS and adapting the system to the parcel service provider's needs. The digital experts paid special attention to the user experience and the optimization of processes instead of just managing goods. During development, the Transactional Experience Partner was guided by the MACH principles: Microservices, API-First, Cloud-native and Headless.

"Thanks to its extensive CMS expertise, diva-e was able to quickly find the right solution for the portal and adapt it precisely to our needs. We were particularly impressed that diva-e immediately thought of all relevant interfaces and applications."

Application management for the smooth operation of the system landscape

For the operation of the new portal, GLS relies on the cloud computing services of Amazon Web Services (aws). As an aws consulting partner, diva-e provided professional architecture consulting and then implemented the system landscape in the aws cloud using the WellArchitected framework. To ensure smooth operation of the system landscape, diva-e was commissioned with 24x7 application management. The central task of diva-e's application management, which is aligned with ITIL standards, is incident management and the regular operation of the systems. The application management includes comprehensive service packages with services from the areas of service desk, service delivery management, incident management, system monitoring, maintenance, security management and cost management.


Quick access to the most important information

The new GLS portal is tailored to the needs of customers and scores with an individual user experience and intuitive operation. The dashboard with its modern look and feel also offers statistics and clear graphics on customers' orders. User tests and UX experts ensure that the most relevant information is found efficiently.

Tracking with extensive filter options also functions smoothly and enables customers to quickly access the relevant details. Thanks to Data Import & Aggregation, data sets can be quickly compiled and organized, the most relevant information extracted and KPIs created for all customers. The API Gateway decouples the backend from the frontend to realize a headless architecture and enable a planned omnichannel strategy.

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