Centrally creating web content for a worldwide rollout

Worldwide brand consistency

The central marketing editorial department of the automobile manufacturer SEAT provides the brand's worldwide Internet presences with uniform content. For this purpose, pro!vision - a subsidiary of diva-e - developed a so-called Market Master application for the SEAT website, with which web content can be created centrally and localised decentrally. The application was rolled out in twelve markets. It offers a high degree of flexibility while maintaining the corporate design, thus enabling a uniform brand presence worldwide.


Reducing Time-To-Web

The goal was to create a uniform CMS platform for the entire corporation that includes editorial content and country-specific applications. Marketing content should be launched more quickly in different countries and languages. The editorial workflow needed to be optimized and accelerated in order to change and publish content more rapidly.


Developing a market master

During the development of a multi-market platform, the national companies' own applications were integrated and the central Volkswagen dealer search "DSH" was connected. The heart of the Market Master application is the virtual online showroom for SEAT vehicles. Marketing content is created centrally in the marketing editorial office and then distributed to the markets using the Multi Site Manager (MSM). The markets only need to translate and localise the content. The Market Master has already been rolled out in a number of markets (RES, PT, IT, UK, FR, RU, IR, etc.).


New multi market platform

diva-e has created a Market Master Application based on Adobe CQ5 for SEAT's market presence, which allows centrally created content to be rolled out to the SEAT markets. In addition, a central website was created, which serves as a "hub" to the markets and offers extensive information about the company (annual reports, history, career, etc.) as well as news, events and contact forms. The advantages at a glance:

  • Global CMS platform for all SEAT markets worldwide

  • Uniform look & feel of the brand

  • Integration of numerous backend systems

  • Simplification for marketers and editors

  • Increasing the efficiency of the editor's work

  • Easier coordination of global campaigns

  • Reduced publication time for regional content 

  • Significant cost savings

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