Optimization of agile Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) projects


IT Governance for Siemens AG

As a leading international technology group that has stood for technical performance, innovation, quality, reliability and internationality for more than 170 years, Siemens AG always pursues the goal of standardizing and accelerating internal company processes. Corporate goals can thus be pursued more quickly and risks minimized. With extensive measures for the quality assurance of agile projects, the diva-e subsidiary pro!vision supported the internal process optimization of the group.

Automatic error detection
Increased efficiency of the feedback cycle
Long-term cost reduction
Faster development time

Uniform processes

Siemens AG required a uniform governance for an overarching application of tools and processes in order to drive developments faster and safer. To achieve this, it was planned to replace manually executed tests with test automation, which is an important basis for fast development cycles.


Optimize quality with tests

The expertise of the diva-e company pro!vision in the area of agile software development and agile testing particularly strengthened the development process at Siemens. With many years of experience in quality assurance with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), the Adobe experts from pro!vision evaluated the initial situation in order to design an appropriate testing strategy.

The diva-e company supported several agile projects at Siemens based on AEM through various quality measures. The measures ranged from requirements creation to manual testing and quality engineering. First, our specialists developed quality governance guidelines for development partners. In parallel, the team developed user stories, acceptance criteria and user acceptance tests for Siemens. Test automation was also carried out for functional processes and for the responsive layout. Furthermore, meaningful load tests were used to make fact-based infrastructure decisions.


Improved cost-benefit efficiency

The automatic error detection installed by the diva-e company pro!vision enables Siemens to check the software several times a day and leads to a drastic acceleration of the feedback cycle. Errors can thus already be identified and corrected during development.

Load tests before going live allow a meaningful behavioral analysis of the new system, so that different infrastructure architectures can be checked for their cost-benefit efficiency. Siemens is thus able to set up uniform processes and reduce costs in the long term.

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