Digital strategy and B2B platform


Innovative B2B E-Commerce Platform for SPINNER

The world's leading high-frequency technology manufacturer relies on diva-e's digital expertise: SPINNER is facing up to the opportunities and challenges in the SME sector and is supported by diva-e in the areas of e-commerce and digital transformation. Through the query of relevant customer data and product interests enabled by diva-e, as well as through price and availability queries, SPINNER gains powerful tools for lead generation and qualification.

  • Customer group, persona and touchpoint analyses

  • B2B e-commerce platform for superior customer experience

  • Development of a holistic digital strategy


Holistic Digitization

SPINNER's goal is to offer its customers a holistic user experience and, at the same time, to digitize the entire company - from employee skills to business processes. The expansion of the online information and communication offering and the development of a scalable B2B e-commerce platform are intended to create new opportunities for a customized and improved customer experience.


Successful digital strategy in medium-sized businesses

diva-e supports the family-owned company in integrating its ambitious digital strategy into the existing corporate strategy. As a minimum marketable product (MMP), the MVP online catalog was successively expanded into a purchasing platform with greatly enhanced functions, with both applications integrated into SPINNER's existing process and system landscape. For the realization of the online store, SPINNER relies on the combination of in-depth diva-e expertise in B2B e-commerce and the solution of diva-e's technology partner Intershop.


More turnover and efficiency

With the effective and future-oriented digital strategy developed by diva-e, SPINNER remains competitive as a pioneer among medium-sized businesses in a dynamic market. The diva-e project team achieved fast, targeted as well as sustainable planning and realization of SPINNER's e-commerce platform and thus ensured a cost-optimized increase in efficiency and sales.

"With diva-e as a holistic digital partner, the SPINNER Group has successfully mastered the integration of the new digital information and transaction processes into the existing corporate strategy, business processes and system landscape. Both customers and SPINNER employees benefit from the user-friendliness and additional touchpoints of the innovative B2B e-commerce platform."
Matthias RiesigerSPINNER | Project Manager Digitalization

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