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diva-e is a digital pioneer in the use of hybrid headless CMS

Since 2003, global brands have relied on dotCMS to deliver content-driven applications at scale. Based on leading Java technology, dotCMS is the open source CMS preferred by organizations in highly regulated industries where governance, security and compliance are critical. dotCMS is a hybrid headless CMS that combines the developer freedom of a headless CMS with the ease of use of a traditional platform. You can create flexible, reusable content for any channel, all from a central hub.

Intuitive code-free content modeling, visual editing, and custom workflows enable marketers to work faster without relying on IT, and give developers the freedom to create innovative front-end experiences in the framework of their choice. The comprehensive API-first architecture allows dotCMS to fit into any technology stack and makes it easy to add new functionality.

With dotCMS, your business benefits from:
  1. Rapid developments and short time-to-market

  2. Efficient content structures and easy editing

  3. Future-oriented architectures and technologies

  4. Easy integration into existing IT structures

  5. Cloud or on-premise integration

Out dotCMS services

Together with dotCMS we work on a comprehensive product portfolio for our customers.

Benefits of dotCMS

Integrated caching layers, including a Content Delivery Network (CDN) and a J2EE stack, guarantee highly scalable platforms per compute unit, serving hundreds of websites or domains from a single environment.

Flexible by design. Choose a cloud subscription or host it yourself. Headless and hybrid. Instant and scheduled publishing, custom NoCode workflows. REST and GraphQL APIs.

SOC2 (Type II) certified with ISO 27001 coming soon. Being 100% open source and completely vulnerable to vulnerabilities, the platform has been hardened in the past and in the future.

dotCMS offers intuitive authoring capabilities - including inline and block editing, layout design, personalization, drag-and-drop and more - regardless of how your content is delivered, closing the usability gap marketers find with headless-only CMSs.

Custom roles and permissions allow you to keep your content secure and your team members productive, while multi-level workflows protect your brand with features like four-eye approval. With dotCMS' TimeMachine feature, you can track and review every website change across your ecosystem down to the minute.

Use dotCMS as your central source of content, assets and infrastructure for hundreds of websites, applications and channels. This improves security, saves costs, and helps avoid inconsistent content.

The intuitive content type builder lets you create any type of structured content without technical expertise. The layout and user interface for each content type can be configured and optimized to facilitate content editing.

Deliver multilingual content across channels with native translation integrations, unlimited character sets, and localized personalization features.

Build once, deploy anywhere with our robust API architecture (REST & GraphQL). From content and layouts to navigation and workflows, our APIs mean you can access any dotCMS content and functionality separately from the dotCMS backend.

The dotCMS image API lets you transform, optimize, and cache your images to build fast websites and applications. Our simple but robust URL parameters give you the power to deliver the right image at the right size.

What is a Hybrid CMS?

A Hybrid CMS offers all the advantages of a highly flexible headless architecture and combines them with the familiar working environment of a classic CMS. Thus, a Hybrid CMS can provide Content-as-a-Service (CaaS) via all existing and future touchpoints and integrate third-party systems, while offering the comfort of an intuitively maintainable content management system.

What is Content-as-a-Service (CaaS)?

70% of Internet users consume digital content across more than one screen. CaaS enables you to deliver content to any (mobile) device at any time, providing your customers with a flexible yet personalised shopping experience. To this end, CaaS makes content accessible via an API interface and ensures that it can be requested via any front-end. For example, customers are offered the option of completing their shopping, which 67% of customers started on their smartphone, on their laptop.

diva-e took care of the integration of a commerce system into the SAP landscape and developed a self-service portal for customers.
diva-e begleitet Weleda seit mehreren Jahren auf dem Weg der digitalen Transformation. Als großer Meilenstein der Digitaloffensive ging im Februar 2024 der Online-Shop in Deutschland live.
diva-e and dmTECH set new standards in software development and digital consulting.
Boards & More Group
mit Composable Commerce auf die Erfolgswelle
diva-e creates a unique B2B ordering experience through the online platform of the global glass market leader.
diva-e gets Vergölst's customer approach rolling by optimizing existing customer contact with Adobe Campaign.
diva-e mapped the entire digital value chain in the project with the Talanx Group for the relaunch of the corporate website and the new career portal.
diva-e develops a scalable and future-proof architecture and integrates it into the already existing backend systems.
Hertha BSC
diva-e developed a new state-of-the-art website with emotional design for Hertha BSC.
Klöckner & co
diva-e guides steel giant Klöckner through digitalisation and realises online shops with marketplace function.
FC Bayern Munich
Digital Champions League: The German championship record holder wows fans worldwide with tailor-made digital experiences.
Online marketplace for groceries: We are creating an adaptable platform for the retail giant EDEKA Nord
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