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Stibo Systems

Use of Product Information Management Systems

Numerous customer touchpoints enrich the data pool of companies, but at the same time generate high demands on Product Information Management (PIM for short). PIM systems are used to transform the existing information into uniform and transparent data throughout the company. diva-e supports customers in system selection, implementation and subsequent process optimization of these PIM systems.

The market for powerful PIM systems is growing steadily. diva-e follows the best-in-class approach and focuses on leading providers and market innovators. In customer projects, diva-e therefore implements the systems of the renowned PIM provider Stibo Systems. As a global leader in business-first solutions for master data management, the long-established company Stibo Systems sets standards in product information management. For more than four decades, Stibo Systems has been developing pioneering master data solutions for the retail, distribution, manufacturing, and fashion and lifestyle sectors. Data integrity is the top priority of the 600 employees at the 18 locations worldwide. As a new implementation partner, diva-e benefits from a platform that provides more transparency and takes customers' digital transformation and growth to a new level.

More than just Product Information Management

A platform for greater transparency, digital transformation, insights and growth

Improved customer experience

Consistent, accurate data for a powerful customer experience.

Data transparency and confidence

High-quality data and content builds confidence with trading partners and customers and increases loyalty to your business.

Optimized performance

Increase cross-selling and upselling, ensure greater efficiency, and accelerate time-to-value.

Faster brand availability

Accelerate onboarding and the introduction of new products with automated processes.

Reduced risks

Ensure governance and compliance and eliminate potential process errors.

Better communication

Remove all in-house and partner dialog barriers. This speeds up decision-making and increases productivity.

Why Stibo Systems?

The business success of the customers is the main focus. With the aim of deriving the greatest possible strategic and operational benefit from the data, Stibo Systems customers can achieve optimal results and thus gain a competitive advantage.

As a private company with an AAA rating, Stibo Systems is committed to the long-term development of a strong product portfolio and good customer service.

Stibo Systems' multi-domain master data platform integrates numerous applications and data to provide customers with a 360° view of their business. The platform is also seamless, scalable, easy to use and supports business growth.

With years of experience, Stibo Systems is well positioned to ensure and manage the quality and accuracy of your data. So you can delight your customers with personalised experiences.