Content & Commerce Accelerator - in 2 weeks to the Onlineshop MVP

With the diva-e Composable Content & Commerce Accelerator, we manage to offer our customers a perfectly coordinated platform. In addition to "standard functionalities" such as product listing pages and product detail pages, content pages can also be easily extended with commerce. Functionalities, for example to offer products in need of explanation and to provide them directly with a purchase option, round off this solution.

The combination of three SaaS products with a headless frontend approach using Vue.js/nuxt.js thus plays to its strengths in a very short time: eCommerce with Commercetools, content maintenance and management with Storyblok, and AI-based search functions and promotions with Algolia.

Benefit from the following advantages - Our solution is much more than just a white label store


The state-of-the-art MACH architecture is scalable, future-oriented and high-performance.


The user-friendly frontend can be quickly adapted to your CI.


Even complex products that require explanation can be optimally presented.


The integrated search is powerful, promotion based and KPI driven.


Landing pages can be easily personalized and are ready for A/B testing.


The solution can be quickly extended with other SaaS products (PIM, Payment, SAP, etc.).

Our project teams quickly lead your project to success through their experience and knowledge from numerous projects.