SAP Cloud Integration - Create a stable base for your digital project

Behind extensive, digital platforms are often complex SAP platforms that have grown considerably over the years to map the business of our customers. To integrate SAP and non-SAP systems in customer projects, we use SAP Cloud Integration (formerly SAP Cloud Platform Integration / CPI), an open, web-based middleware for synchronous and asynchronous communication and integration of on-premise and cloud systems.

Our integration experts with many years of project experience take over the analysis, planning and implementation of the integration for you.


Systems complexity

SAP Cloud Integration must work with existing enterprise systems such as ERP, CRM, PIM and others. In this context, data structures and processes are often very complex and require in-depth analysis.

Data integration

The correct and smooth integration, mapping and error-free synchronization of all necessary master and transaction data are critical to success. SAP Cloud Integration takes care of the technical and semantic translation for the systems involved.

Omnichannel customer experience

The integration of this data must be guaranteed consistently across all channels. Whether in the online store, on mobile devices or in stationary retail - the user needs a seamless experience.

Security and data protection

Key topics such as data security, access control and encryption of data are of great importance. Integration must ensure that sensitive data is protected during transfer and storage.

Maintenance and upgrades

Regular enhancements of systems through updates improve functions and ensure security. The integration must therefore always be implemented in such a way that it is still fully functional after upgrades and can be maintained with as little effort as possible.

Customization and extension

The SAP Cloud Integration can be extensively extended by own connectors and can also be used flexibly for integration tasks in the future.

diva-e knows all these challenges from a large number of projects and has developed its own standards in the project procedure to minimize time and risks in the implementation.

SAP Cloud Integration is part of the SAP Integration Suite and offers a high degree of flexibility. It supports development, deployment, operations, and monitoring in a tidy dashboard without the need for dedicated hosting. At the same time, it delivers robust out-of-the-box connectivity for speedy connection to your ERP or S/4HANA. A variety of predefined as well as already implemented integration flows (SAP API Business Hub) can be used to benefit from a future- and upgrade-proof solution.

Our experts advise you on your integration architecture and develop interfaces including data mapping in your SAP Cloud Integration Tenant.

For an optimal connection, we analyze existing interfaces (ODATA, web services, SAP Gateway, Remote Function Call, IDoc) in the backend and extend them as needed. The focus of our teams' work is the efficient mapping of your processes end-to-end.

SAP & Spryker

As an official Spryker Platinium Partner and SAP Gold Partner, we can demonstrate through numerous projects that we have the expertise and experience to seamlessly integrate the Spryker commerce operating system into our customers' SAP-heavy system landscape. This offers our customers decisive advantages. By combining Spryker's powerful e-commerce platform with SAP's comprehensive business processes and data management capabilities, we enable efficient management of B2B e-commerce activities. This is reflected in a smooth flow of information between systems, real-time data updates, and streamlined procurement processes.

With our track record of integrating Spryker and SAP, we are the ideal choice for companies seeking a seamless connection between their e-commerce and ERP systems.