The perfect interaction between SAP and Spryker

As an SAP Gold Partner and Platinum Partner of the modular and flexible Spryker platform, diva-e offers its customers the opportunity to connect their existing SAP backend systems with another modern and scalable e-commerce system.

With the TXP Integration Hub, diva-e builds a bridge between SAP applications like SAP ERP or S/4HANA and the establishing Spryker Cloud Commerce OS. In several implementation projects, it has proven successful to use a reusable gateway to connect the online store to the customer's backend systems. For SAP versions prior to S/4HANA, the diva-e TXP Integration Hub has been specifically tailored to exchange data between the customer's ERP systems and their Spryker Commerce OS and can be operated both in a cloud and in the data center.

For SAP versions from S/4HANA or in preparation for migration projects to S/4HANA, we recommend using SAP Cloud Platform Integration (SAP CPI). A connection in analog form is also possible here.

SAP Connector

The example shows the classic case of a middleware, as one either already finds it at customers or has introduced it within the scope of projects so far. This solution only refers to the connection between Spryker and SAP.

diva-e has extended this previously used SAP Connector with the additional component of the "Data Aggregator". Together, the two components form the diva-e TXP Integration Hub and address the following typical project challenges:

The diva-e TXP Integration Hub takes on the role of middleware and ensures that both systems communicate with each other without any problems. Since both the requirements for the web store and the conditions in SAP ERP differ from customer to customer, the middleware is customized to the necessary processes in the web store and SAP backend.

The technology structure of the TXP Integration Hub

The middleware technology is composed of a Kotlin-based Spring boot application with PostgreSQL, the open source Kubernetes system with Docker containers or on premise.

The two main components are the SAP Connector and the Data Aggregator. The SAP Connector enables synchronous queries to SAP backend systems, for example for availability queries or order simulations. Depending on the SAP version and customer infrastructure, the connection to SAP can be done via RFC (SAP JCo 3), SOAP, REST, OData or other technologies.

Communication with Spryker is done via a REST interface. The Data Aggregator is used for asynchronous data transfer, for example of material master data, customer master data or price lists. It also enables the aggregation of data from SAP and third-party systems such as a PIM. Necessary data is kept in a shadow database. Asynchronous communication with Spryker takes place via AMQP.

Advantages of the TXP Integration Hub

  • In communication, only relevant updates are sent to Spryker in an optimized form.

  • In this way, incremental updates from SAP take place during delta handling, which prevents concurrency problems.

  • New store instances and rebuilds are possible quickly and without load on SAP backend systems.

  • For Spryker, this creates an optimized approach for high load scenarios and mass data imports.

The TXP Integration Hub has been field-tested many times and provides the best basis for connecting your SAP as well as other systems from your system landscape to Spryker Commerce OS.