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For a long time, your performance marketing campaign seemed to be a no-brainer. But suddenly everything is different. Be it because your ads are no longer achieving the desired results and your target group is giving you the cold shoulder. Or because costs have exploded while traffic remains the same. What has changed? Has the target group switched to other channels? Are the keywords no longer up to date? Are the ad formats no longer in line with current recommendations? Or are the performance losses simply due to a change in the algorithm?

Audit: from site assessment to sustainable success

Do you want to increase the ROI of your ad placement and performance marketing activities in the short, medium and long term? Then you first need to know where you stand. As part of the performance marketing audit

  • our experts perform a structured as-is analysis of your existing accounts,

  • analyze the development of your business success on the market and

  • the latter in relation to the competition.

At the end, you will receive an up-to-date assessment of your current position as the basis for an effective strategy for sustainably successful user targeting via digital advertising platforms and partnerships.

Identify shortcomings. Exploit potential

In performance marketing, a number of factors are intertwined. The search for causes is laborious, time-consuming and costly. Resources that are in short supply at many companies. Especially when their business model is threatened by sudden drops in performance.

This is where our performance marketing experts come in. With our in-depth know-how, well-established processes and the use of state-of-the-art analysis tools, we uncover problems promptly and turn your performance marketing around. We reliably identify all low hanging fruits that promise maximum success with minimal effort.

Using our Digital Empathy Framework for Paid Advertising, we also embed your audit results in a concrete development plan. This gives you the opportunity to exploit the potential of a balanced and value-adding interaction with your target groups step by step.

Contact your contact person Vanessa Zimmermann now to discuss the opportunities and processes of our performance marketing audit and assessment!

Performance Marketing Audit

In the following, we show you the test parameters of our audits using the example of an SEA account. If other accounts or channels (e.g. social media) are audited, individual parameters such as keywords vary. However, the clear category structure is always retained so that you can quickly record the results and compare them with each other at any time.

The test areas at a glance

Performance and potential analysis

Test parameters

  • Goals 

  • Organization & Processes

  • Channel Coverage

  • Low Hanging Fruits

  • Unprofitable measures

Guiding questions

  • Which KPIs are defined?

  • What goals are being pursued?

  • Are all relevant digital revenue streams being used?

  • Which channels offer untapped potential?

  • Can "low hanging fruit" be identified?

  • Are there advertising measures whose cost-benefit ratio cannot be justified?

Target groups analysis

Test parameters

  • Strategy 

  • Coverage 

  • Evaluation 

  • Targeting 

Guiding questions

  • Which target groups have been defined?

  • According to which criteria are they evaluated?

  • How does the targeting of the target groups work?

  • How and when are target groups adjusted?

  • Are secondary target groups that might be interested in your product based on their behavior taken into account?

Keyword analysis

Test parameters

  • Campaign structure

  • Keyword coverage

  • Search queries

Key questions

  • Which keywords are booked and how?

  • Do search queries indicate unused potential?

  • How are click prices/bids controlled and set?

  • Which other keys to auction participation are taken into account?

  • How are campaigns and ad groups structured?

  • Are different dimensions of customer interaction differentiated (e.g., location, contact time, device)?

Advertisement analysis

Test parameters

  • Target pages Page Speed/LoadTime

  • UX 

  • Ad formats

  • Extensions 

  • Ad content 

  • Testings 

Guiding questions

  • Which ad & extension formats are used?

  • Do these meet the platform's current recommendations for ad formats?

  • Are the desired performance values achieved via them?

  • What is the quality of the landing pages?

  • Which tests take place and with what frequency?

Environment analysis

Test parameters

  • Platform competition

  • Benchmark development

Guiding questions

  • How big is the competition on the respective platforms?

  • Where do the examined measures stand in direct comparison to the competition in relevant display/social environments?

  • What ad position is achieved in the SERP?

  • How high is the number of own results within shopping results?

Results: Prioritized recommendations for action from our experts

The comprehensive review and evaluation of your performance marketing campaign is followed by a structured presentation of the status quo in terms of

  • Degree of fulfillment of the business model and business objectives via the paid advertising measures,

  • Degree of coverage of the ad communication with regard to the See-Think-Do-Care framework and

  • Embedding the results in the market and competitive situation and development.

On this basis, our experts provide you with concrete recommendations for action that you can implement immediately. The results are prioritized in terms of the expected effort required for implementation and the impact on business objectives. This allows you to initially focus on the measures that promise the best cost-benefit results.

Your advantages

If you choose our team of experts, you know you have a strong partner with in-depth performance marketing expertise and state-of-the-art analysis tools at your side. Be it for auditing individual accounts or the entire performance marketing strategy. Within the scope of the audit

  • we uncover deficiencies in a targeted and timely manner,

  • identify previously untapped potential,

  • identify low hanging fruits,

  • compare the success of your campaign with that of your competitors and

  • present you with initial quick wins in a suitable upload format.


Absolutely. As part of the performance marketing audit, our experts identify unused potential and give you concrete instructions on how to significantly improve your results with minimal effort. It also gives you the opportunity to proactively respond to emerging changes - such as algorithm, user behavior, or ad formats - before they impact your campaign's performance.

Performance marketing audit and assessment is based on your individual needs. Our experts perform both targeted account audits and audits of the complete performance marketing strategy, including all implemented measures.

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