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Understanding and Reaching Users with Digital Analytics

For businesses, digital platforms are essential to effectively engage with their customers. A variety of channels are available - from websites to native apps, including integrated products like chatbots or voice assistants, often embedded in a complex infrastructure. Whether for information dissemination, as an online shop, in customer service, or as a standalone service, understanding the use of these products is crucial for success.

Digital Analytics enables gaining deep insights and understanding the usage beyond the product boundaries. Typically, various aspects of website or product usage are considered:

  • Acquisition & Campaigns: Where do the users come from?

  • Audience Attributes: Who are the users?

  • Behavior: What do the users do?

  • Conversions & KPIs: Do the users meet the business goals of the product?

The real excitement begins when these individual parts are linked to analyze how they contribute to the company's internal KPIs. From this, actionable recommendations can be derived, or important target groups identified, ideally grouped into segments and specifically addressed through personalization measures.

This approach answers critical questions such as:

  • Did the new SEA campaign increase the conversion rate?

  • Did users bounce immediately or was organic traffic affected?

  • Is the ordering process optimized for smartphone users?

  • Which user segments should be specifically targeted with personalization measures?

To generate such insights, diva-e consciously relies on Adobe Analytics, a part of the Adobe Experience Cloud. Adobe Analytics is a leading digital analytics solution that meets every requirement. It offers complete freedom in tracking configuration and data processing, making it easy to integrate complex topics such as online shops.

Also noteworthy are the unique analysis capabilities of the Adobe Analysis Workspace, which allow analysts to create complex calculations and representations in seconds.

diva-e Services for Adobe Analytics

diva-e offers a holistic service approach and acts as a partner to its customers, developing the most suitable and efficient solutions. Our services for Digital Analytics include:

  • Joint development of business requirements and possible solutions

  • Defining project milestones

  • Developing a comprehensive concept based on business requirements

  • Documentation and implementation on the Adobe side

  • Creation of implementation guidelines

  • Intensive support during product implementation

  • Managing additional data sources

  • Data transmission and cleansing

  • Cross-device tracking

  • Generating insights with Adobe Analytics, including integrated AI

  • Creating individual dashboards in various tools

  • Training on the topic of Digital Analytics

  • Adapting to constantly changing projects and business requirements

  • Demonstrating the potential of a comprehensive online marketing approach

Digital Analytics is often the first step in online marketing for many companies. As a full-service provider, we are happy to go the extra mile and show you the individual potential of comprehensive online marketing.

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