Optimization of the online store performance

Mister Spex

diva-e delivers content for digital experiences

diva-e has been creating content for Europe's leading online optician Mister Spex for several years. The joint mission: to write compelling content that can be implemented and scaled internationally.

  • Content optimization for e-commerce

  • Optimization of the digital experience

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Better Content
Optimized Digital Experience
More transactions

Customized Content

The diva-e digital experts have been supporting Mister Spex in optimizing the online store performance of www.misterspex.de for more than two years. The goal is high-quality content for the Mister Spex online store, which is implemented and scaled across a number of countries.

To the Mister Spex online store


International text alignment

The content for Mister Spex is internationally oriented. The diva-e content experts implemented English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish and Finnish text versions.


Improved digital experience

diva-e successfully creates category texts and search engine optimized buying guides for Mister Spex. The content helps customers search for products and provides a significantly better digital experience in the online store. Mister Spex is thus able to increase its store performance.