Breakfast Club

The future of onsite search with Algolia using the example of dmTECH

The future of onsite search with Algolia using the example of dmTECH

Together with our technology partner Algolia, we invited you to our exclusive Breakfast Club at our diva-e office in Karlsruhe on 27 October 2013. In a relaxed breakfast atmosphere, we gave you valuable insights into how artificial intelligence is revolutionising search behaviour and how companies can respond to this in order to increase their conversions.

That was the agenda

To get your day off to a good start, we welcome you with delicious coffee, tea and a delicious breakfast buffet. There's time to get to know each other for the first time, meet up again and enjoy good conversation.

Learn how Algolia's NeuralSearch technology combines vector-based natural language processing and keyword matching in a single API. This technology makes it possible to understand search intent without keywords. In a live demo, we will show how NeuralSearch technology delivers excellent results even for diverse search queries using universal language support.


Steffen Vogt, Enterprise Account Executive, Algolia

Maximilian Schunk, Partnerships DACH, Algolia

In 2021, Algolia was selected as the search solution for dm-drogerie markt's omnichannel commerce platform - web and mobile apps in 13 countries. The main goal was to enable easier configuration and maintenance of the search by editors and to create better customer experiences through enhanced functions and personalisation. How did this work in practice?

We will share our experiences with you and shed light on how and in which areas Algolia has created real added value for dm-drogerie markt.


Mike Dirnberger, Expert Backend Developer, diva-e

Heiner Eisenmann, Project Manager eCommerce Search, dm-drogerie markt

Our content commerce expert, André Lähr, will show you how to launch your e-commerce platform with best-of-breed components efficiently and with minimal risk - thanks to our accelerator.


André Lähr, Expert Consultant, diva-e

Eine Revolution in der Suchtechnologie

Künstliche Intelligenz verändert das Suchverhalten. Unternehmen können dies nutzen, um ihre Conversion Rates zu steigern. Tauchen Sie ein in die Welt der nächsten Generation der Volltextsuche und entdecken Sie, wie Sie Ihre Online-Präsenz optimieren

Talks, Diskussionen und Networking

Wir zeigen Ihnen, wie KI das Suchverhalten verändert und Unternehmen ihre Conversions steigern. Genießen Sie vier anregende Talks und nutzen Sie die Gelegenheit zum Networking und Austausch in angenehmer Frühstücks-Atmosphäre.  

Special Guest

We are very pleased to have our customer on site and to be able to demonstrate how we have successfully implemented Algolia together with dmTECH, the IT subsidiary of dm-drogerie markt, and the Digital Business Unit of dm-drogerie markt.

About Algolia

Algolia is the world's only end-to-end AI-based search and discovery platform that helps organisations create fast and relevant search experiences for their users.

With over 30 billion search queries per week, Algolia is the most used search solution in the world, second only to Google. Algolia is the first choice for more than 17,000 customers, including companies such as dm-drogerie markt, Lacoste, Decathlon, flaconi, REWE, cyberport and Sony, in over 150 countries.