19 Apr 2023

Gold for diva-e: Excellent work with New Work solutions

Digital service provider wins Stevie Gold for special and flexible performance in human resources / Individual offers and benefits for employees recognized

diva-e is an excellent place to work: The digital service provider won the prestigious Stevie Awards in Gold for its particularly flexible working models and modern new-work offerings. In the category "Special Achievements in Human Resources," the company impressed with the fact that employees are allowed to work from outside the EU for up to 90 days a year, as well as with the team workouts that several teams do each year.

"We are very pleased to receive this award and the associated confirmation that we are striking a chord with our HR efforts," says diva-e CEO Tilman Au. "Especially in the digital industry, where the market of specialized professionals is highly competitive, employers have to invest a lot. Even now, when large employers such as Salesforce or Adobe are issuing many layoffs, the competition for experienced specialists is still on." Among other things, diva-e has been offering the option of implementing a 4-day workweek every two weeks since this year. The company also provides other flexible working hours and work location arrangements, and gives employees the choice between a salary increase and an increase in vacation days, for example.

Particularly well received at diva-e are the team workouts, in which several colleagues combine work and vacation time together in attractive vacation regions in Germany and abroad. For this purpose, diva-e provides both accommodation in the form of vacation homes and the conditions for mobile working. "We can clearly see that this joint work with a vacation feeling makes a particular contribution to team building, that employees are more motivated, relaxed and productive, and that we also score points in recruiting as a result," says Au. He adds that this also applies to so-called private work assignments, where employees are allowed to work in the European Economic Area for up to 90 days per calendar year.

"With our HR policy, we create an inspiring working atmosphere in which our employees can develop their full potential, depending on their stage in life," says Julia Münster, who as Chief Human Resources Officer at diva-e is responsible for HR and recruiting. "We provide different benefits so that there is something suitable for every employee and every life situation." The success of this approach is confirmed not only by the more than 900 employees at the company's ten locations in the regular employee survey, but also by numerous other awards such as "Great place to work" and "Best employer".

The German Stevie Awards are a high-profile business award for companies and individuals operating in the German-speaking European market. They are awarded annually in over 200 different categories. The winners are selected by a jury of business representatives.