More performance and revenue with targeted landing pages

Landing Page Optimization (LPO)

for higher conversion rates

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for higher conversion rates

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With a holistic paid advertising approach to an optimal customer experience from the ad to the website

The campaign structure is set up, the Google Ads are switched - but the performance marketing efficiency leaves a lot to be desired? Then optimizing the landing page can increase the conversion rate. Because only if the user intent is served here, the content delivers what the ad promises, and the orientation and navigation on the page is clear and quickly apparent, can the desired interaction occur. To turn prospects into customers or generate leads, the user experience from the ad to the landing page should be consistently targeted, personalized, and empathetic. This is where we come in: with the tools of conceptual and strategic ramp-ups of paid performance advertising, such as our maturity level of digital empathy in advertising and our Explore-Define-Learn-Scale approach, in combination with qualitative methods of usability testing, such as the 7-level model or the ten usability heuristics, we analyze the optimization potentials, test them thoroughly and exploit them. In this way, you can take full advantage of the effectiveness and efficiency of your digital campaigns and advertising measures and increase the success of your digital business.

Curious? Then learn more about our holistic PPC CRO approach below and get in touch with your contact Vanessa Zimmermann.

Why the landing page is central to your business success

Website clicks and traffic are all well and good, but sales and marketing ROI are decided by the conversion rate - the metric for actual interactions such as purchase completions and form submissions. If target group-specific ads have directed users to the corresponding landing page, they should definitely be "picked up" here with their need. This is where things go wrong more often than you might think. Up to three quarters of all marketers complain about high bounce rates and see an acute need for action to optimize the conversion rate. This not only helps to increase sales, but also leads to maximum utilization of your investments in marketing campaigns. High bounce rates therefore cost you twice as much money, and optimizing the landing page and thus the conversion rate pays off twice.

Truly reach your target groups

We design personalized advertising campaigns and landing pages

The holistic approach we take to paid advertising means we pick up website visitors across the entire customer journey. A personalized approach, a positive user experience and an emotional customer relationship are the keys to success. To develop these, we first thoroughly analyze and define the needs your users have. In doing so, we draw on the methods and insights of the Digital Empathy Framework to understand not only the cognitive, but also the equally relevant emotional level of intentions. Based on these insights, we are able to develop personas in conjunction with the available contextual user signals (location, demographics, etc.), which can be used across campaigns, landing pages and other marketing measures. They form the basis for hypotheses that we can use to test whether the user relevance of the content is correct and whether existing and/or new user segments are sufficiently addressed to increase traffic performance and conversion rates.

Step by step to optimization - this is how we proceed

Specifically, the optimization process includes the following phases, at the end of which you will find approaches that will enable you to increase performance KPIs:

Analysis of the status quo and detailed evaluation of relevant pages

Workshop to define relevant personas and develop initial hypotheses as a basis for discussion

Follow-up of the workshop with prioritization of hypotheses etc.

Conception of the hypotheses

Implementation and iterative testing

Evaluation of the tested hypotheses and significant results for optimization

Tools and tests: This is what we work with

To continuously improve the conversion rate and test hypotheses, we use the proven A/B/n testing using Google Optimize. Since there is no laboratory situation here, but rather a high number of real users of a website provides number-based, objective results, significant results can be directly derived that can be immediately implemented operationally. The user experience can be improved, the user relevance of the content on the landing page increases and this in turn has a positive effect on the CR as well as on other metrics (organic visibility, customer loyalty, etc.) - and on the efficiency of the PPC activities and campaigns. We use Google Analytics for the evaluation. The use of the tools also closes the circle and the individual building blocks of online marketing interlock effectively.

Frequently asked questions regarding Landing Page Optimization

Through a user-relevant design of the landing page tailored to the target group, users stay on your website and do not immediately jump off again. This not only increases the chances of the desired action and thus a better conversion rate, but also reduces the cost per click (CPC). Google rewards the relevance of the website with a better ad position. The optimization measures can also have a positive impact on customer loyalty, brand awareness and reach.

In addition to the recommended actions that we develop for you as part of the PPC approach, there are of course other factors for conversion rate optimization. These include the functionality and usability of the landing page, the layout and design, and the amount of content. If there is a need for improvement here, the experts from diva-e's other service areas will be happy to help.

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