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From practice for Practice

Learn from our expert what Offpage SEO really is and how you can apply your knowledge in daily life.

At the latest after the Google Penguin updates, Offpage SEO has changed dramatically. It is no longer about just buying backlinks but rather about link management and seeding.

Learn here from our expert Philipp Munich, how Offpage SEO should be tackled.

Learn Offpage SEO with diva-e

In our Offpage SEO workshops, we explain to you what Offpage is and why it has such a significant relevance for Google. Our Offpage SEO expert shares his knowledge of Offpage SEO in a hands-on approach during the sessions:

  • What exactly is Offpage SEO in the first place?

  • What is link generation all about?

  • What exactly does a backlink profile cleanup (detox) comprise?

We format each workshop to meet your individual demand in terms of information so that you can set specific focuses and, if necessary, begin with our reorient Offpage SEO.

Together we achieve success

Our Offpage SEO Workshop provides you with practical and essential knowledge of Offpage SEO and enables you to understand, evaluate and clean up your website’s backlink profile along with its all related metrics. Moreover, you will gain know-how to generate links and perform seeding.

At the end of the workshop, you will…

…. verstehen Sie,

... understand why Offpage SEO is so crucial for your search performance.

…. kennen Sie

... become familiar with the most important tools and metrics.

…. wissen Sie,

... know, how you have to deal with 404 broken links.

…. können Sie

... can clean up your website's backlink profile on your own.

…. verstehen Sie,

... understand what is meant by seeding.

…. wissen Sie,

... know what to pay attention to when generating links.

Tailor-made Offpage SEO Workshops

As to the focus of our seminars, we will work with you in consultation: Is there already previous knowledge in the area of Offpage SEO? Is there already a domain, directory or URLs which should be analyzed and optimized? Who should be trained in your company? Should the workshop be held in-house or remotely? We address all of these questions in advance so that we can cater to your specific demands.

Some of the topics covered by the Offpage SEO Workshop

  • What Offpage SEO is

  • Why we need Offpage SEO

  • Where we get the data from and why it is so important

  • What tools are used

  • Offpage metrics

  • Linkbuilding

  • Seeding

  • Backlink profile cleanup

  • 404 Broken Links

  • Competitor analysis

  • ... and much more

Frequently asked questions about the Offpage SEO Workshop

Our Offpage SEO workshops are specifically designed for companies with their own SEO or marketing departments that want to generate backlinks or gain an understanding of Offpage SEO. Our workshops are equally beneficial for both B2C and B2B businesses.

We tailor the workshop's length based on your wishes: Whether a half-day as a crash course or a seminar that is divided over several sessions - we will find the perfect fit to meet your needs.

Basically, you do not need to prepare for the workshop. In the interactive part, we work on real hands-on examples. Are there particular areas on your website that you would like to focus on in more detail? All you need is just let us know about them at our pre-talk so that we can specifically address these during the seminar. No further preparation is necessary on your part.

Absolutely! The workshop presents the ideal basis to develop or revise an SEO needs & optimization analysis or a content strategy together for your website after an Offpage audit. We are at your side with our expertise.

And so it goes on...

Contact us for a non-binding preliminary discussion about an offpage SEO workshop that really suits you and your company. Philipp München looks forward to your call or e-mail.

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