New online presence for the network operator

Convincing corporate design

Amprion GmbH is one of four transmission system operators in Germany. The 11,000-kilometer extra-high voltage grid transports electricity for 29 million people in an area stretching from Lower Saxony to the Alps. More than 2,000 employees help keep the power grid stable and secure, paving the way for the energy transition. As part of a comprehensive brand relaunch, diva-e developed modern online presences with a new corporate design for Amprion.

Improved user experience
Increasing awareness

Greater awareness and better image

Awareness is the most important currency in the digital world. To become better known among its external stakeholders and sharpen its brand profile both externally and internally, Amprion relied on modern Internet and intranet websites with a new corporate design. The redesigned communication media were to support the brand's messages without creating additional work for the content editors as a result of the relaunch.


Perfect interaction of the technology partners

To migrate the content of all external and internal online media, diva-e transferred the content of the past five years into the newly developed corporate design. Together with Amprion, the digital experts first re-evaluated the page and paragraph templates on the website. diva-e analyzed the number of uses with the help of the FirstSpirit API and the Content Creator. The analysis formed the basis for the subsequent prioritization of tasks. In this way, diva-e succeeded in keeping to the tight schedule and delivering regular releases.

diva-e handled the extensive project together with its technology partners e-Spirit and Usercentrics. With Usercentrics' Consent Management Platform for multiple top-level domains, diva-e integrated a solution that obtains consent for data use without limiting the user experience. This avoids unnecessary requests to third-party servers and reduces page load time. The use of the FirstSpirit content management system from e-Spirit facilitates the editors' work with regular updates and new features. In addition, Celum's Digital Asset Management supports optimal content management. To ensure that the new website is accessible 24/7, diva-e has been supporting Amprion since day 1 of the live launch with the application support team from Jena.


New Internet and intranet with corporate design

In a short time, the digital experts transferred the existing online presence into the new corporate design. This resulted in a new corporate website, a brand homepage and an intranet for internal communication within the company. diva-e also took care of the implementation of new microsites. What all the new online presences have in common is that they are characterized by digital accessibility and are oriented towards compliance level AA.

The combination of comprehensive know-how, strong technology partners and agile project implementation made it possible to implement the entire online presence with diva-e within a very short time.
Robert SchöpfAmprion | Technical Manager Online

Partner in the project