Bayerischer Fußball Verband

New online presence for the national association by diva-e

The impetus for the new digital presence

For more than 10 years, diva-e experts have been driving the digitalization of the Bavarian Football Association, which is the largest of the 21 state associations under the umbrella of the German Football Association. diva-e has now developed a new digital presence with an outstanding digital experience for the BFV.


Creating a digital experience

The joint project's goal between diva-e and the BFV is an optimized online portal for all devices with numerous personalized content and features. This online portal will provide information about results and players and match schedules and club news in a quickly retrievable format.


Dovetailing of different systems

For the technological basis, diva-e experts work with technology partner Bloomreach. diva-e implemented the state association's new digital presence from UI and UX design to software architecture and implementation.


Personalized features for BFV users

The complete relaunch by long-time digital partner diva-e results in an outstanding digital experience for members and users of the BFV. BFV users can access numerous personalized content within a concise time and can thus stay top informed.

Partner im Projekt