Highest brand visibility with SEO and SEA

Effective strategy for the iconic brand

Carrera has been offering customers "Motorsport at home" since 1920. However, in order not to rest on selling products to young and old alike, Carrera commissioned the specialists from diva-e to put the brand in the pole position when competing for more digital visibility. A joint workshop to develop the strategy for search engine optimisation (SEO) and marketing turned out to be a successful project that significantly increased the organic visibility of the Carrera brand and is the foundation for further joint projects.


Maximum brand visibility

The aim of these efforts is to increase Google awareness and Carrera's brand recognition in the long term, while at the same time bringing traffic to the online shop.


Comprehensive SEO audit

Through an extensive technical audit, the diva-e experts initially identified the status quo of search engine optimisation of the Carrera website. The infrastructure, on- and off-page factors, the performance in the social media sector, but also the activities of competitors played a role. After the analysis, targeted SEO measures were developed and implemented.


Optimised organic visibility

The newly established structures in the areas of SEO and SEA enable Carrera to increase its organic visibility. The advertising specialists from diva-e and Carrera have thus jointly achieved that not only is the sale of products focused on, but that Google awareness and brand visibility are also increased in the long term.

In the race for more traffic for our online shop and more visibility for the Carrera brand as a whole, we rely on our new partners, the SEO and SEA professionals from diva-e. diva-e helps us to achieve the best top positions in Google rankings and to increase traffic for our online shop in a targeted manner.
Marlis Verena KunzeCarrera | Director Marketing & E-Commerce