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diva-e develops modern omnichannel infrastructure for Versandhaus Walz

Firmengebäude Medi

In 2022, diva-e took over the design and implementation of the cloud migration for the lifestyle brands for medi.

The aim was to migrate the two e-commerce stores for the CEP Sports and ITEM m6 brands to the Adobe Commerce Cloud.

This project was successfully implemented within a year.

The cloud migration is part of a long-term cooperation between diva-e and medi in the Adobe sector, which will continue to focus on close collaboration.

1 year until go-live
2 Developer
Development of 2 stores

Smooth store migration

The aim of the joint project was to migrate the previous “on premise” store solution for the lifestyle brands to an Adobe Commerce Cloud solution. The two stores for the CEP Sports and ITEM m6 brands were to be made available online and set up in a more user-friendly way.

First, the stores were to be migrated and optimized in a way that would enable the store managers to work more efficiently. This included connections to other systems such as the internal DAM system for transferring product images. After a successful go-live, the stores were to be continuously developed further.


Further developing systems & replacing legacy systems

The establishment of diva-e as a service provider and partner began with a workshop to jointly examine medi's entire system landscape. The first step was to jointly analyze and work out how the existing systems could be better linked together. This successful workshop enabled diva-e to gain a complete picture of the infrastructure at medi. This was followed by a technical audit, in which existing components were further developed and alternatives were sought in order to increase efficiency and simplify handling. At the same time, diva-e set up a team consisting of two Adobe Commerce experts and other technical contacts. At the beginning, the collaboration was mainly about setting up the system in the cloud environment. As part of the migration, product variant management was also integrated in order to provide customers with different configuration options in terms of sizes and colors. In addition, a range of modules were integrated, such as different payment methods or the validation of shipping addresses in compliance with all data protection guidelines.

We will continue to work closely together in the future to continuously optimize the stores of the medi lifestyle brands. At the same time, diva-e and medi are also working together in the area of AEM assets and sites and are planning further joint projects. diva-e supports medi in selecting the right software solutions for an efficient architecture.


Successful Go Live

The result of the successful collaboration was reflected in the successful go-live at the end of August 2023. The lifestyle stores were thus migrated to the Adobe Commerce Cloud and the foundation was laid for exciting further developments. Since then, the company has been constantly working on new features so that it can continue to offer its customers attractive and intuitive web stores in the future.

The successful implementation of the project was the result of fast and focussed teamwork, which was made possible by a very human and professionally strong collaboration with diva-e.
Elvir Zekicbaby-walz GmbH | Project Manager and Head of Online Shop Development

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