Packaging solutions of the future


diva-e develops IoT platform for MULTIVAC

diva-e developed a company-wide IoT platform for MULTIVAC, one of the world's leading suppliers of packaging solutions, and set new standards in the digitalisation of the food industry. MULTIVAC offers digital services around its packaging machines based on this platform.

Increase machine efficiency by up to 10%
More operating comfort for users
Highest possible output with high pack quality
Maximum process reliability

Digital products for more efficiency

What will innovative packaging solutions of the future look like? How can the packaging industry position itself for the future in times of digital change? And how can packaging machines work more efficiently and economically and more economical through digitalisation - and at the same time remain easy to operate? MULTIVAC, the packaging specialist, is working with diva-e to develop solutions and products to answer these questions and successfully master the digital transformation.

MULTIVAC is one of the world's leading suppliers of packaging solutions for a wide variety of industries and products, ranging from food to life science and healthcare products to industrial goods. Since packaging machines also have to be operated as efficiently and economically as possible, MULTIVAC and its digital partner diva-e develop solutions that support the digitalisation of industrial companies and, in particular, create additional benefits for customers. The aim was to optimise the packaging process in the food industry.

MULTIVAC and diva-e derived the requirements from customer wishes to simplify machine operation and to set up automatic basic settings and product and packaging material recognition. Higher machine availability and fast updates were also desired.


diva-e Cloud Solutions for Mechanical Engineering 4.0

In project teams, diva-e and MULTIVAC developed a company-wide IoT platform whose software addresses all customer requirements as flexible cloud applications. The basis for the development of all features is the optimisation of machine settings through a stronger focus on the machine operator.

With the MULTIVAC Pack Pilot digital assistant, it is possible to configure packaging machines from MULTIVAC's new X-line machine generation in a user-friendly way. Thanks to seamless integration into the existing machine user interface, the cloud technology is made available transparently on the machine.

The MULTIVAC Pack Pilot ensures the highest possible output, consistently high pack quality and maximum process reliability. Assistance with the packaging process and consumables helps the operator to optimally set up and operate the packaging machine without the need for in-depth expert knowledge. diva-e supports MULTIVAC with IoT services ranging from strategy development to implementation and operation, based on many years of experience, technical expertise and a spirit of innovation.


New standards in digitalisation

With the company-wide IoT platform, diva-e and MULTIVAC are setting new standards in the digitalisation of the packaging industry and are jointly ushering in a new era of operating convenience. Customers have an innovative solution at their disposal, with which the daily challenges in the packaging process can be mastered in a convenient and, above all, safe manner. For machine operators, the software offers considerable added value.

Typical application scenarios include, for example, the commissioning of the machine and the new parameterisation during product changeover or the support of the operating personnel in the detection and correction of incorrect settings.

"Together with diva-e, we are setting new standards in the digitalisation of the packaging industry: diva-e supports us as a strong partner with comprehensive know-how in the IoT sector in the successful development and operation of the latest cloud technologies, so that we can offer our customers significant added value."
Dr. Marius GrathwohlMULTIVAC | Vice President Digital Products and Transformation