Puzzel Ltd.

Subscriptions and billing processes made easy with diva-e

Puzzel is the leading provider of cloud contact center solutions in Europe. More than 1,100 organizations in 40 countries use the software for smart customer experiences. The Puzzel platform enables organizations to offer a mix of self-service, giving people the freedom to decide when and how they want help. Puzzel's offering packages include the sale of software licenses, support contingents, call contingents or other services such as training and education, implementation support and so on.

diva-e has helped Puzzel to greatly simplify and optimize processes to make the (working) life of Puzzel employees and customers easier.

Project Challenges
Digital touchpoint for new & existing customers
Implementation of Salesforce and JustON by diva-e experts
Automation of processes Less effort and more customer satisfaction

Simplified processes, less effort

Puzzel wants to optimally handle the customer subscriptions and billing processes associated with its offers. diva-e helps set up the processes in such a way that Puzzel has as little effort as possible.

This includes mass billing, automatic renewal of subscriptions or documentation of call center usage (per call or per minute) in an external system based on transaction and usage time.


Powerful combination: Salesforce and Juston

The main focus in the implementation of this project was the interaction between Salesforce and the accounting software JustOn. Thus diva-e was able to provide expertise in the configuration of individual components in Salesforce, Salesforce CPQ and JustOn. In addition, automatisms and middlewares for importing data from external systems were implemented.


Everything gets easier

Less effort for Puzzel, more satisfaction for customers: Automation comes first and facilitates the optimal handling of complex processes.

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