Optimization of digital marketing performance


diva-e supports the toy market leader

diva-e supports the toy market leader Ravensburger in the topic of digitalization. With diva-e's consulting and analysis services, the long-established company Ravensburger can communicate and interact with end customers in an even more targeted and relevant way and increase its return on marketing.

  • Development of an equivalence-based attribution model

  • Data-driven marketing


Data-driven Marketing

diva-e supports the toy manufacturer with sound data and analysis expertise as well as an integrated data-driven marketing approach in optimizing digital marketing performance. The common goal is to be able to operationalize and evaluate all marketing activities along the touchpoint journey as well as digital performance.


Attribution model from diva-e

In addition to establishing a model for analyzing the digital performance maturity level, the diva-e data experts developed an equivalence-based attribution model for Ravensburger.


Greater transparency, measurability and comparability of digital activities

The combination of performance maturity model and attribution model enables a comprehensive overview. Ravensburger thus gains deep insights into customer journeys and into the digital performance of individual touchpoints and marketing activities compared to relevant competitors.

"Measuring our digital activities is the key to targeted and effective targeting in a highly complex media landscape. We are pleased to have diva-e as an experienced and competent partner to further specify our activities through an attribution model and KPI performance measurement."
Marco HeinRavensburger AG | Group Director Digital