diva-e develops Spryker B2B store for Wilo in less than four months

Diva-e was responsible for the conception and implementation of a Spryker B2B store for Wilo, which was rolled out within three months using the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) approach, first in Slovakia and the Czech Republic and then within another four months in China. Wilo is one of the world's leading premium suppliers of pumps and pump systems for building services, water management and industry. Headquartered in Dortmund, Germany, the company has more than 8,200 employees and a very complex product portfolio.
The Spryker solution was integrated into the Wilo system landscape using an ERP connection (SAP). The Spryker PaaS platform with Spryker Yves frontend and the connection via SAP middleware CPI (Cloud Platform Integration) formed the basis for a comprehensive and transnational B2B webshop, which can be rolled out in several countries as a self-service portal and includes more than 50,000 products.

MVP approach
Product data import
ERP Integration
SAP Integration
SSO Integration
Efficient internal processes and cost optimization in sales and distribution


The goal of the common project was to create a cost reduction in the internal sales department and the optimization of existing quotation processes through a B2B self-service platform, so that internal resources can be used more efficiently. Another important goal was to optimize customer centricity: This was achieved through self-service functionalities and real-time transparency for product availability and prices.

Quick implementation due to MVP approach and agile project management


The detailed and binding scoping and a project timeline were created at the start of the project. For this purpose, the SCRUM setup was used with clear product ownership. In the first step, some out-of-the-box Spryker features were adapted to Wilo's needs and specifically connected to the Wilo system landscape:

  • User registration

  • Login via SSO

  • Order simulation for displaying availability and delivery times

  • Order export to SAP

  • Display of order status via SAP

With this set of features, the B2B store was initially launched as an MVP in Slovakia and the Czech Republic in order to identify optimization potential as quickly as possible and, based on this, to follow up with other country store in China. The MVP approach refers to the development of a basic version of the B2B web store with the minimum necessary features to go to market early. This makes it possible to collect feedback from users and gradually improve the product while it is already in use. This enables to achieve maximum customer focus already during the development.

Successful go-live in less than four months


The clear scoping and prioritization in advance enabled precise adherence to the timeline and ensured that the go-live took place within the planned timeframe and budget. Thanks to the MVP approach, functions and store elements could be tested and optimized very quickly in the market.

Creating such a group standard solution enables Wilo to roll out the platform successively in other countries in the coming years. The selected tech stack with Spryker's out-of-the-box features and a focus on standardization ensure maximum efficiency for further planned country projects. In the meantime, 150 merchants have already been connected to the Chinese platform, purchasing 2-digit million amounts annually. Further rollouts of the B2B platform in the UK and Turkey as well as a B2C solution for Romania are planned for the near future.

"Success based on partnership - that describes our collaboration with diva-e. The implementation in get-it-done mentality, have made our project to a success. Quality and partnership are the focus here. The jointly established Spryker platform lays a foundation for the further digitization of our business."
Alexander Knorn WILO SE | Senior Vice President Group Digital Business & Marketing