10 Jul 2023

Six questions about our corporate identity

More than just design: A relaunch of its corporate identity positions the company in a completely new way. What motivated diva-e to make this move now?

Tilman: diva-e is one of Germany's leading digital service providers with deep expertise, remarkable growth, and international presence. Over the past six years, we have undergone significant development. We distinguish ourselves through a broad portfolio and excellent integration of various service areas. Our new identity aims to support this positioning, establishing diva-e as a strong partner on equal footing, a thought leader in the digital industry, an empathetic team player, and an award-winning employer. This way, we demonstrate our agility, reliability, and passion, emphasizing the versatility in our internal and external communication.

"We put the passion in transaction": What lies behind the core message that diva-e will use to position itself in the market in the future?

Sirko: As the first company in this industry, diva-e has consolidated its expertise in a comprehensive approach as a transactional experience partner, clearly highlighting its greatest strength: our concepts and projects focus on creating digital experiences for our customers that lead to transactions and interactions within the defined target groups. Clicks, leads, commerce – diva-e has the competence to align all digital commerce activities as closely as possible with the customer's business model and successfully develop it, all in one place. As a market leader in many areas, diva-e designs digital solutions aimed at driving users towards monetary and communication transactions. Our firm conviction is that we can only achieve this with passion and enthusiasm. The passion of our colleagues in the projects ultimately results in digital experiences that inspire. And this enthusiasm is the "deciding factor" when it comes to transactions like online purchases or leads.

From black and white to blue: The change in color scheme is striking and is typically the first thing stakeholders notice. What considerations underlie the choice of colors?

Tilman: Blue represents seriousness, professionalism, and an association with technology. Blue instills trust. That's what we stand for.

Entering customer business with a new image: What values does the new corporate identity contribute to the customer business?

Sirko: With the new identity, we are further developing our strategic themes and consistently aligning them with our corporate mission. This sharpened positioning enables us to confidently and clearly showcase our strengths in the market. We are a digital full-service partner with an end-to-end offering. In short, we cover the entire digital value chain of businesses and think from the beginning to the end - for today and the future. We perceive collaboration as a genuine exchange for the best business outcomes for our clients.

Looking inward: How do you motivate your employees to pull together when it comes to the company identity?

Tilman: What sets diva-e apart is the balance between togetherness and shaping: in a team, employees can achieve great things. At the same time, our growth is a continuous process of development, including for the staff. Thanks to our very approachable and open corporate culture, our employees fundamentally experience a special appreciation. Therefore, it was important to us that the colleagues internalize the brand relaunch before anyone else. Only when employees can identify with diva-e to the fullest extent can they convey this new image to the outside world.

A glimpse ahead: What lies in store for diva-e this year? Where is the company headed?

Sirko: As a comprehensive digital service provider, we need to be where our globally operating customers are. In addition to expanding the North America office in Cincinnati, we plan to establish additional offices in other economic regions to ensure round-the-clock software development and support center services during customers' main working hours. This way, we can support globally operating companies in the conception, development, and operation of transactional platforms on an international scale. Additionally, we will focus more on selected target industries such as automotive, B2B manufacturing, and retail, leveraging and expanding our expertise in these areas.