The ideal Chrome plug-in for SEOs

Pre- & Post Rendering, Metadata, status code, core web vitals and much more at one click

Pre- & Post Rendering, Metadata, status code, core web vitals and much more at one click

Everything at a click

  • all important onpage data at a glance

  • Pre- & Post Render comparison for meta data, headlines and links

  • "noindex" pages directly recognizable via the red plugin in the browser bar

  • short descriptions of the individual KPIs when hovering over the key figures

  • color coding of error messages in the overview

  • displayed data can be copied with a click and pasted in the appropriate place

  • available in 8 languages

  • CrUX API for retrieving the Core Web Vitals is already stored as standard

What the SEO Chrome Extension does

Traditionally, the plugin displays the title and meta description. Check whether the data has been entered correctly or whether algorithmic changes have been made by Google. The character length is calculated automatically to avoid truncated metadata in the SERPs. With ChatGPT you can also have metadata generated.

The plugin displays the web server used and the transfer protocol. By displaying the compression program, the page is tested for gzip compression, for example.

200, 404 or 503 - the status code of a website can be seen at first glance.

The plugin offers the possibility to display Core Web Vitals and Sistrix data. The API can be easily integrated into the tool for a quick visibility check. The CrUX API is already stored in the tool.

Note: At least one Sistrix Plus package is required for the Sistrix API.

It is possible to integrate the ChatGPT API into the plugin in order to receive various suggestions for the title and meta description. To do this, generate your personal API key in the Open AI profile and integrate it into the plugin via the settings.

Pro tip: Click on the ChatGPT button several times to keep getting new results.

The plugin shows you the meta robots tags used, e.g. "noindex,nofollow."

The X-Robots tags and the Robots.txt can also be viewed. You can also quickly see which canonical has been set, whether self-referencing or referring. An important feature is the ability to compare this data from HTML and HTTP headers.

Recognize the headline structure of the website at a glance and identify errors. The diva-e SEO Chrome plugin not only counts the individual headlines, but also flags unused headline tags. 

The plugin not only clearly displays the meta robots tag, but also calls up the robots.txt (if this is available). To do this, right-click on the page to be analyzed and click on "View robots.txt" under "SEO Plugin - diva-e".

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Submit Sistrix API key

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You can store your personal Sistrix API key in the plugin. This provides you with all relevant KPIs of this interface directly in the diva-e SEO plugin under the "Sistrix" tab. 

We have created step-by-step instructions for you on how to store the Sistrix API in the tool. 

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Enter OpenAI API Key

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In order for the AI to generate the metadata in this tool, it is necessary to create the personal API key from OpenAI. This enables direct access to the interface. 

We have created a step-by-step guide for you on how to generate your API key and then enter it into the SEO plugin.

Your feedback is important to us

We always want to develop the plug-in further and already have a list of ideas. If you have any wishes and suggestions yourself, feel free to let us know! For this, you can simply use the Google Chrome Web Store.

  • Page Title

  • Meta Description

  • Status Code

  • Meta Robots Tag & X Robots Tag

  • Canonicals & Canonical Head

  • Compression, Server & Protocol

  • Core Web Vitals & Sistrix API

The plug-in can be used free of charge. No user data is collected.

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