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Automated text production

Texts for your online shop

We deliver high quality, unique product descriptions that are optimised for conversion. For automated text creation, we use the product data that you already have as a basis. It does not matter whether you provide us with this data from your online shop, PIM, BI or other suitable sources. We are also happy to support you in selecting and preparing the product data.

Your contact person
Oliver Ibelshäuser
Head of Content Marketing & Editorial

Optimal working time

  1. Professional copywriting

40,000 products x 10 minutes copywriting = 833 days á 8 hours = 3.78 years

  1. Automated copywriting

40,000 products x 1 second copywriting = 11.11 hours = 1.5 days Saving: +1,378 days

After appropriate preparation, automated text generation can create 40,000 unique product descriptions in just one day.

Advantages of automated text production

Product data preparation

Information about your products can be found in product data sheets. We help you choose the right data for each product group, capture it and prepare your data accordingly.

Seasonal adjustments

With the appropriate training, you can create seasonally-adjusted texts for the same products "at the touch of a button" and easily publish them within a few days.

Training the machine

We use our years of experience in creating high-quality, unique content to guarantee an exceptionally good, readable and understandable result.

Adapt product descriptions to changing times

If company priorities or market trends move on, you can respond with automated copy. Thanks to automated production, texts can be restructured or refocused with very little editorial time needed.

Evaluation and optimisation

With the help of pre-defined KPIs, such as the conversion rate, copy can be analysed and optimised over the long term. This allows you to save resources by optimising conversion without actively intervening.

Languages and internationalisation

Texts can be created in the following languages: German, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Chinese, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese, Norwegian, Arabic, Polish. Other languages will follow.

Possible applications


  • Search engine texts

  • Product advertising

  • Product reviews

  • Product comparisons

  • Category descriptions

  • Product descriptions


  • Financial reports

  • Corporate reports

  • Web analyses

  • Online campaigns

  • Credit reports

  • Financial consultancy


  • Weather reports

  • Live sports results

  • New publications

  • Stock market reports

  • Horoscopes

  • TV listings

Are you thinking about using automated text production? Or do you have any questions? We're happy to show you how automated copy can work for your business.

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