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In a broken link analysis, all 404 pages on your website are located and then analyzed for backlinks. Of particular interest and importance here are the 404 pages to which the backlinks refer. The main task of a broken link analysis is to identify these pages, analyze them for links and then make a recommendation on how to proceed with them.

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Oliver Ibelshäuser
Head of Content Marketing & Editorial

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diva-e's content department continues to grow. Started in 2006 as a small text editorial department of the former One Advertising, the team now comprises more than 30 classic editors, content strategists, CMS specialists, social media professionals, image and video experts, and project managers.

And all this at two locations: Munich and Bochum. Since 2016, the former One Advertising from Munich and the former Textprovider from the Ruhr area have been sailing under the same flag. A perfect symbiosis. The consulting skills of the former "One" and the text expertise of the former Textprovider are a perfect match and make us one of the most sought-after agencies for content strategy and content production in Germany.

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Services and benefits of the content team

Curiosity and passion are our driving forces in everyday life. We want to get better and grow every day. Not only in terms of personnel, but also in terms of our range of services and quality of care. Here is an excerpt of our most important services and achievements:

Content Audit

A content audit is the qualitative and quantitative inventory of a brand's or domain's existing online content, comparable to the "diagnosis of the family doctor". The content audit provides recommendations for measures that can be implemented immediately and deliver an instant impact, such as immediate ranking improvements for important keywords.

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Content Strategy

A sustainable content strategy is essential to improve the trust of your brand for relevant products and services and to significantly strengthen the brand signals in the competitive environment.

Our experts in content marketing and SEO work with your company to develop the perfect content roadmap for measurable success - for your target group and for Google.

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Social Media Strategy

A social media strategy not only serves to extend the content on your website, but also enables you to communicate brand signals and campaigns holistically to various target groups and reach as many of your customers as possible.

When creating your company's individual social media strategy, our social media experts ensure that the potential of each social media channel is optimally exploited and that channel-specific measures are developed to match your brand.

In close cooperation with our colleagues from the field of paid advertising, we create a seamless transition to the strategic promotion of the recommended measures in order to not only organically increase the visibility of your company.

SEO Texts - High Performance Content

High performance content stands out from the mass of online content and is characterized by finding the perfect balance between brand awareness, target group expectations and Google requirements. Top rankings and enthusiastic users are the result.

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Content Hubs

Content hubs are the ideal platform to centrally bundle thematically related content while leveraging expertise and authority - for Google and your target audience.

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CMS maintenance

Of course, we not only produce first-class content, but also maintain it in the CMS of your choice. And if you wish, we will set up your CMS on the basis of Typo 3 or Wordpress so that it perfectly matches your online formats and the working habits of your employees.

International content

We have an international team and naturally create online content not only in German, but also in all common European languages such as English, French, Dutch, Polish or Turkish. The project language in e-mails and calls is English?  No problem for us!

Videos and infographics

A picture says more than 1000 words. Above all, it conveys important content faster and easier than via text. We produce infographics and videos for you that are perfectly aligned with your brand and your target group.

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High-performance content is our goal: content that inspires users and convinces search engines in equal measure. To achieve this, we dive deep into the brand world of our customers and develop individual, sustainable solution concepts.
Oliver Ibelshäuser
Head of Content, diva-e München

Mixed doubles for long-term online success

Content and SEO

Content and SEO (search engine optimization) are inseparable twins: In many cases, content production, content expansion or content renewal is the answer to the question of how SE optimization can be implemented quickly and sustainably.

In turn, before planning new content for your online presence, it makes perfect sense to take a close look at the technology. Is the site fast enough for good Google rankings? Is the site consistently mobile-optimized? Are images compressed? Is the keyword focus in the online offer correct? Together with our content experts, our SEO experts will be happy to advise you on far-reaching optimization of your website, which will lead to more traffic, better rankings and, above all, better conversion.

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Your contact person
Oliver Ibelshäuser
Head of Content Marketing & Editorial
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Bettina Körtge
Team Lead Content Consulting

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