Digital transformation brings opportunities - also in international competition

B2B Manufacturing

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The topic of digitization has been gaining momentum in recent years and is now increasingly influencing companies in B2B manufacturing.

Until now, the industry has successfully relied on the development of innovative products on the international market. Efficient production processes have always been indispensable for offering high-quality products at competitive prices and becoming the market leader.

However, companies that now want to prepare for the future must now also invest in digital processes and services so as not to miss out on important requirements, trends and opportunities.

Challenges in B2B Manufacturing

Corporate cultures and ways of working are becoming more digital

Digital progress not only brings new technologies into play, but also changes working methods and thus influences existing corporate cultures. Job profiles are changing, becoming more digital. This change process can trigger resistance and uncertainty among long-time employees.

B2B manufacturers must nevertheless initiate the digital (cultural) change quickly in order to remain successful. In doing so, it is important to address the legitimate concerns of employees and to clearly define and communicate common interests and corporate goals. This also includes the fundamental consideration of making new visions and strategies visible in the company's Target Operating Model (TOM).

diva-e supports you in identifying the resulting new requirements for working methods, the infrastructure as well as specialists in various areas and in implementing them with you. To this end, our digital business consulting team works with you to develop custom-fit strategies and concepts within the shortest possible time, based on your actual needs and goals. Read more...

Customers want a seamless shopping experience

Moving to a digital future opens up new opportunities in terms of target markets, reach and visibility for your business. Focusing on an omnichannel strategy brings benefits that translate into growth and increased competitiveness for you.

Your customers are able to move seamlessly between different sales channels without sacrificing personalized information or services. On the one hand, this strengthens customer satisfaction and thus loyalty, but it also demonstrably increases sales throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

The challenge of an omnichannel strategy now lies in using the existing customer data in such a way that the available channels are optimally played with this knowledge. Our experts in the digital marketing and analytics environment know exactly what matters. Read more...

Increasing competitive pressure

Another trend is emerging in the manufacturing industry: More and more manufacturers are recognizing the potential of marketplaces and are striving to either establish a presence in existing marketplaces or even become a marketplace themselves. This strategy increases your reach, opens up new sales channels and addresses a broader target group. At the same time, it opens up opportunities for collaborations and partnerships that can further drive innovation and growth in the industry.

This change underscores the need for manufacturing companies to be flexible and adaptable in order to succeed in an increasingly connected business world. Read how our customer Klöckner has impressively established this trend for the steel industry and benefit from our experience in marketplace projects: Klöckner reference here.

Technological integration & data flow

The industry is characterized by diverse business models, technologies and processes. The mapping of sometimes extensive content and complex products is also challenging. Products or services that need to be explained must also be presented in digital channels in a way that is easy to understand and user-specific.

To ensure error-free order processing and excellent customer service, the data generated in this context must be exchanged seamlessly between all platforms and the existing ERP, PIM and CRM systems. This technology-driven challenge always requires careful coordination of all parties involved and often a customized solution.

Through strategic partnerships with leading technology providers such as SAP, Spryker, Microsoft and many others, we implement data solutions on top of world-class systems. Our approach combines proven off-the-shelf products with customized enhancements to ensure you are always ready to seamlessly scale your business model.

End-to-end experience through sustainable platform architectures

Faster to the target

Our specialized accelerators and integration platforms speed up the implementation of your innovative ideas and projects. Our goal is to enable fast initial rollouts so you can gain first experiences as soon as possible.

The result: cost-effective, low-risk, yet high-quality technological architectures that realize your visions without major hurdles.

Your business in the cloud - safe and without risk

The cloud has revolutionized the way businesses work, and we'll show you how your company can benefit from this technology too. With our customized cloud solutions, you can optimize your IT infrastructure and flexibly scale resources while ensuring the security of your data.

Whether you want to optimize your business processes, expand globally or simply increase efficiency - our cloud experts will guide you in sustainably building operating models. Read more...


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