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Application process

From application to onboarding

Have you found the right job and want to join diva-e? You're sure diva-e will suit you and you’ll fit in with us? Great! Then we look forward to receiving your application! Ideally, you should submit your application using our career portal. This guarantees we’ll process it quickly. You are also free to send documents by e-mail. Either way, we look forward to receiving your application! Can’t see the position you want? Then send us an e-mail as well. And who knows, maybe we'll be meeting in person soon!

Receiving your application

And then this happens: after submitting your application, you usually receive a personal confirmation of receipt within 2 business days. Then, we ask you for a little bit of patience: We have to check your documents and co-ordinate with either the team leader involved or the technical contact. We usually get back to you within a week.

Interview and initial meeting

If we’re interested in your application, we will invite you to an interview. Depending on the position, we may conduct an initial, brief telephone introduction and then we can arrange a face-to-face or digital meeting. Who you will be talking to depends on the individual position or location. As a rule, however, a representative from the recruiting team as well as the Team Leader or other representatives from the department are involved. After the job interview, there will be – depending on the specialism or position – a brief candidate assignment. If this is the case, you will be told in advance when we send out the invitation.

Second interview (if needed)

If it fits both sides, a second interview can take place. Here, we see if you fit into the team and you fully identify with our values. Depending on position and location, the local Managing Director, a colleague from the HR department and, if applicable, another Team Leader are usually present for this appointment. We may also arrange a trial day, where you get to know your new workplace environment. We will let you know in good time.

Job offer

Do we all agree that you are right for us and us for you? Do you like the diva-e spirit and can you identify with our values? Great, then welcome to the team!

From signing your contract to starting your first day

We want you to feel happy with us from the moment you sign the contract, even if your first working day may still be a long way off. Therefore, we support you from the very beginning with our extensive onboarding plan.

Until we officially welcome you to our team, we will keep your interest with little surprises. We do not want to reveal too much here, as they wouldn’t be surprises anymore. You are also welcome to attend our team or corporate events. This way, both sides have an excellent opportunity to get to know each other better in a relaxed atmosphere.

In order to give you an idea of what awaits you in your first few days at diva-e, you will receive an induction plan in advance. This should answer all your questions in the run up to starting with us.

Onboarding: For a straightforward start with us

From day one, you’re a valued member of our organisation. You work in an excellent corporate atmosphere and receive just as much trust and respect as your colleagues. Welcome to your team!

As an office worker, you'll first get a tour of the site on your first day of work - your new workstation is also already set up. After that, you will get to know your team colleagues and other TXP stars on site or virtually in team calls or have virtual coffee or lunch dates, for example. In addition to the equipment needed for your job, we won’t forget to include an onboarding folder, which also contains our mission statement and feedback cards.

You won’t be thrown in the deep end because when you start with us, you’ll first receive a comprehensive, technical introduction. What’s more, you’ll also get to know the different company departments in the first few weeks of work as well as new colleagues from other teams. You’ll also have access to a specific main contact during the entire time. After all, we want you to feel comfortable with us!

Employee appraisals and regular career development discussions are also part of our corporate culture. After 2 weeks and after the first 3 months, feedback meetings with your team leader will take place. In this way, we can make sure that you feel comfortable with us and everything is running satisfactorily. In addition, there are other meetings in which we discuss your further development and your satisfaction.

Our top vacancies

Senior DevOps Engineer AEM (m/w/d)
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Senior Data Engineer / Senior Data Scientist (m/f/d) Sofia
Art: Vollzeit | Job-Kategorie: Softwareentwicklung | Berufserfahrener (m/w/d) | Sofia
(Senior) Software Developer AEM (m/w/d) Berlin
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DevOps Experte Enterprise CMS (m/w/d) Berlin
Art: Vollzeit | Job-Kategorie: Softwareentwicklung | Berufserfahrener (m/w/d) | Berlin
Senior Consultant Digital Business (m/w/d) Frankfurt
Art: Vollzeit | Job-Kategorie: Strategieberatung | Berufserfahrener (m/w/d) | Frankfurt
Senior Consultant Digital Business (m/w/d) Hamburg
Art: Vollzeit | Job-Kategorie: Strategieberatung | Berufserfahrener (m/w/d) | Hamburg
Senior Consultant Digital Business (m/w/d) Jena
Art: Vollzeit | Job-Kategorie: Strategieberatung | Berufserfahrener (m/w/d) | Jena
Senior Consultant Digital Business (m/w/d) Karlsruhe
Art: Vollzeit | Job-Kategorie: Strategieberatung | Berufserfahrener (m/w/d) | Karlsruhe
Senior Consultant Digital Business (m/w/d) Leipzig
Art: Vollzeit | Job-Kategorie: Strategieberatung | Berufserfahrener (m/w/d) | Leipzig
Senior Consultant Digital Business (m/w/d) München
Art: Vollzeit | Job-Kategorie: Strategieberatung | Berufserfahrener (m/w/d) | München
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