On the road to success with diva-e’s intelliAd technology


Increase SEA performance

In order to stay ahead in a dynamic market, A.T.U. relies on innovative technology from diva-e. A.T.U.'s goal is to save time and money through automated bid management and increased SEA performance. The success story in detail: Learn how A.T.U. achieved the targeted cost-revenue-ratio, increased sales and lowered CPO by 88 per cent.

Clearly defined, individual campaign goals and a sensible strategic approach leads to measurably more SEA success. Efficient bidding is the foundation for higher visibility and competitive advantage!
Martin Marhold
Client Success Manager

To optimise their performance, A.T.U. relies on strong partners like diva-e and Spryker. diva-e's AI-based intelliAd technology supports A.T.U with efficient bidding and the best possible distribution of their SEA budget.


More SEA success through automation

Through automation, A.T.U. achieves the targeted cost-revenue-ratio, lowers CPO by as much as 88 per cent and increases sales, conversion rates, impressions and clicks. In this way, A.T.U. has time to concentrate on content and strategic campaign optimisation.


Instead of a time-consuming manual bidding and search campaign management, A.T.U. relies on smart diva-e AdTech. With the intelliAd Bid Management Tool, A.T.U. defines flexible, individual campaign goals. A fully-automated budget management system actively redistributes the SEA budget between campaigns in the most efficient way. Recurring seasonal trends are taken into account during bid adjustments to enable efficient bidding.



sustainable decrease

CPO decrease

Higher CTR and more conversions

Sales increase

More clicks and impressions

Traffic increase