26 Jul 2022

Over the "edge": diva-e launches e-magazine on current digital trends

High-quality e-magazine "edge" from German digital service provider diva-e provides information on developments and innovations in the industry

Welcome to edge, the content hub for digital opportunity!

We don't just want to talk about what's there, but also about what's coming.
We don't want to comment, but take a stand and be "edgy" sometimes.
We want to contribute to sharing valuable knowlEDGE so that we can all benefit to the maximum from the technological possibilities of the future.

With the digital magazine "edge," we are launching a high-quality product with a broad range of topics. Here, we take a closer look at current trends and innovations in the industry. Tilman Au, CEO of diva-e: "We look beyond the edge of the digital industry in our magazine, with which we want to enter into a dialog with readers, provide impulses and show digital experiences. With "edge," we focus on a trend topic in each issue and illuminate it from different angles." The online magazine is to appear several times a year in digital form and pick up readers exactly where they are: in the middle of digital business.

With "edge", we are addressing everyone with a digital affinity: decision-makers and executives, software developers, marketing and e-commerce specialists, and anyone who wants to become one. "For this reason, we focus our content on overarching and current topics such as digital empathy, metaverse or digital sustainability - in other words, everything to do with innovation and digitization," emphasizes CCO Sirko Schneppe. In the first issue, everything revolves around the topic of "Transactional Experiences," a holistic approach to creating digital user experiences and sustainably advancing companies. In addition to an editorial and a column on the umbrella topic, the magazine offers recurring columns, figures and recommendations. You can also look forward to exciting, external guest contributions in the future.

"edge" will not only be available online but also as a newsletter and on social networks.