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In today's digital landscape, digital PR services are essential to help businesses maximize their online reach and effectively engage with their target audiences. These services encompass a variety of strategies, including content publishing, influencer marketing and social media engagement, aimed at increasing brand awareness and building consumer trust. Through targeted communications and customized solutions, we play a critical role in driving business growth and strengthening brands' online presence.

We see digital PR as a collaboration of many experts from our various digital marketing areas who use the strategic use of digital channels and technologies to strengthen the online visibility and reputation of companies through targeted communication and engagement.

Digital PR services from diva-e


Authentic, search engine optimized content together with a tailor-made digital PR strategy is of central importance in online marketing.

User Experience

Digital services must create the best experience and personal added value for users - this is the task of user experience design.

Content Seeding

We promote your content across all social media channels, via online PR or launch customized influencer cooperations for you.

Paid Social Marketing

Place target group-specific ads on social media platforms - with maximum reach, optimal user experience and no wastage.


Increase visibility with your target group - with top ranking positions for your relevant keywords on Google and other search engines.

Content (incl. creative task force)

Content creation in digital marketing refers to the process of planning, creating, editing and publishing content in various formats

  • landing pages

  • Studies, e-books, white papers

  • press releases

  • videos

This content should appeal to the target group, offer added value, increase brand awareness and ultimately support customer retention and acquisition. In addition, the content created should be picked up and linked to by other websites.


First and foremost, high-quality UX/UI concepts create trust with the customer. In addition to the actual intended use, the subjective impression of a product, digital service or landing page is of great importance: something that is easy and efficient to use and looks good at the same time generally feels good and trustworthy to end users. If operation and interaction are fun, the chances of a (repeat) transaction as well as customer loyalty and recommendation increase.

SEO content seeding

Content seeding or outreach marketing is the targeted distribution of content in the native environment of your target group. Seeding - from the English “to seed” - is an individual mix of measures tailored to the previously defined target group segments, KPIs and campaign goals.

  • Press contacts

  • Run Of Network

  • Thematically appropriate blogs

  • Document networks

  • Monitoring of KPIs

  • Links, traffic, mentions, comments, shares, likes

Paid Social

Social media has long since become a mainstay of the marketing mix. Nine out of ten Germans regularly use social media platforms - and can therefore in principle be reached by you via social media advertising. However, the multitude of channels is both a curse and a blessing.The right channels for the individual objective (e.g. recruiting, branding or acquiring new customers) must first be identified.What's more, a potentially immense reach is offset by very specific requirements for creative content depending on the platform. Different rules apply on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat and the like. Not only in terms of advertising formats, which range from feed-based text ads to video ads and full-screen ads.The creative direction of your campaigns is also essential in order to achieve the desired reach. Social media advertising must be tailored precisely to the target group and the platform used.


A prerequisite for optimized rankings is the fulfillment of various technical requirements that search engines have for websites.

All digital PR services are supported by our on-page and off-page SEO team in order to distribute the best possible SE-optimized content digitally.

How the collaboration with our digital PR experts works

In initial meetings, we get to know your company and develop an understanding of your needs. This creates the basis for our collaboration.

We work with you in workshops to develop the next steps. The result is a complete digital PR strategy

The creative creation of the content, including UX design, starts on the basis of the digital PR strategy.

We start by seeding the created content

The predefined KPIs are tracked, analyzed and processed.

The seeding process is constantly optimized in order to achieve the best possible result in the implementation of the digital PR strategy.

We prepare all the results for you in a clear and comprehensible way so that you can keep an eye on the success of your digital PR campaign at all times.

Frequently asked questions and answers about digital PR

Digital PR refers to the strategic use of digital platforms and technologies to improve a company's online visibility and image. This is done through targeted communication, content publishing, social media engagement and other digital measures.

Digital PR offers numerous benefits, including increased online visibility, strengthening brand image, better reach with the target audience, fostering trust and credibility, and the opportunity to build relationships with influencers and media.

Digital PR uses a variety of channels, including social media (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn), company blogs, online press releases, influencer platforms, podcasts and more to reach a wide range of audiences.

The success of digital PR campaigns can be measured using various metrics, including the number of media reports, the reach of online content, the interaction rates in social media, the increase in website traffic, the improvement in search engine rankings and the leads or conversions generated.

A successful digital PR strategy is based on a thorough target group analysis, clear communication goals, high-quality content, a consistent brand message and continuous monitoring and adjustment based on the measured results. In addition, maintaining relationships with influencers and media is an important part of successful digital PR.

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