Software Development

Software Development

Frontend or backend, complex web portal or online shop, micro frontend or mini application, CMS or IoT, iOS or Android: As a Software Developer, together with your team, you’re involved in advancing exciting web and digital projects. From local SMEs to global corporations, from manufacturers of smoke alarms to retail giants and football clubs: With your ideas and skills, you create digital experiences that inspire companies and their customers alike and drive companies forward long-term.

Diversity guaranteed

As a Software Developer, the abundance of projects guarantees one thing above all else; diversity and variety in everyday work, continuous professional development and a broad technology stack. The actual projects you are assigned and main focus of your job will be determined by your knowledge as well as the interests you want to develop further.

Frontend, backend and mobile development jobs are waiting for you. In our job portal, you’ll find Software Developer roles in which you can leave your mark on the digital world.

Your responsibilities

You develop a variety of web portals, user interfaces and applications for our clients. You analyse technical and operational requirements for feasibility and develop clearly designed and sustainable code with your colleagues. To ensure their requirements are implemented in the best way, you liaise closely with our clients and also advise them.

Frontend Development

Mobile Development

Backend Development

In the AEM Jobcast with Dinh Bao Dang, Software Architect, you will get exciting insights into his daily project work in the field of AEM Development. You will also learn, among other things, how AEM and WordPress differ in terms of technology stack, what the latest trends regarding CMS are and why the approach to the code reviews is associated with a certain sensitivity.

Listen in now:

Your team

In our diverse teams, you work as a Software Developer with your colleagues on contrasting client projects. Generally, our projects run for a few months to several years. You always work on a client project with diva-e colleagues with different roles, experience levels and possibly locations. We work agile and closely together in a team. Depending on the project, team sizes range between 3 and 20 diva-e employees.

Your location

During projects, you either work remotely or at the client’s premises, sometimes for several days. Of course, we try to keep travel to a minimum and to accommodate your personal circumstances. But unfortunately, in our industry, travel can’t always be avoided. The need to travel may be slightly higher at the start of the project, but then decline over time. What’s more, it’s important to us that you can work when and where you are most productive. Therefore, we also offer attractive mobile working options.

Your working environment

Our focus is clearly on the employee. Flat hierarchies and treating each other as equals ensures open and transparent communication at all levels. This creates an excellent workplace atmosphere in which teamwork is of the upmost importance. You work with subject matter experts in their respective field so you always have a suitable ‘sparring partner’ at your side or a contact to discuss new ideas. It’s important to us that you feel comfortable with the tools of your trade so you decide the software and hardware you use through our order catalogue.

Your fit

You’re a team player and really flourish when given the space to perform. You don’t just rely on your current knowledge and aren’t afraid to try new things. You keep your eyes and ears open, question existing processes critically and don’t shy away from addressing and implementing potential optimisations. You like to share your knowledge with your colleagues and you bring fresh ideas to the team and the project.

It’s important for us that you’re passionate about your job and fit into the team. No matter if you’ve changed career or are self-taught, you have exactly the same opportunities with us as someone with an IT apprenticeship or computer science background. Above all, your personality is important to us, and we'll take care of the technical stuff!

Your benefits

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