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Targeting customers across channels with diva-e 

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Targeting customers across channels with diva-e 

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E-commerce and shopping ads as a digital showcase for your products

For hardly any other area of digital advertisers have the possibilities for effective user targeting become more complex in recent years than for retailers and in e-commerce. Consumers expect a consistent, personalized shopping experience - no matter when or where they shop, whether marketplace, social media channel or omnichannel.

At the same time, the individual advertising platforms - from Google Ads to the Meta Business Suite to Amazon or other marketplaces - offer companies ever new opportunities to advertise their own products to interested to ready-to-buy target groups on their ad inventory. The spectrum now ranges from pure product listings to interactive integration of product ads in livestream videos.

For companies, this means two main things:

  1. Orchestrating a multitude of advertising campaigns on different platforms to achieve value-added user targeting.

  2. The cross-channel reliable provision of own product data on a wide variety of platforms, each with specific requirements, as well as a target group of users who are in different life situations.

We are happy to support you in mastering these challenges. As a certified partner of the largest advertising platforms, with many years of commerce experience, we know what it takes to play out product information on the right platform in the appropriate campaign and a user-centric, trustworthy approach - centralized, automated and scalable with the appropriate tools.

Product Information Management as the basis of the cross-channel P2C strategy

Today, potential buyers obtain information about products in a wide variety of places and make purchases across all sales channels, i.e. both online and stationary. Users benefit from the digital transparency and availability of information on prices and products. We are increasingly experiencing a perceived breach of trust by consumers toward companies when they receive divergent information from the same source at different points.

We are talking about a "commerce anarchy" in which holistic action and effective implementation of uniform information provision are absolutely critical to success. A powerful Product Information Management (PIM) system lays the foundation for centrally managing product data and preparing it for a wide variety of channels. Whether and which PIM you use is of secondary importance to us in paid advertising. There is no doubt that the investment in such a tool is not always effective or feasible in the short term for every business without exception.

Also, a PIM focuses on the actual product data. In activation for digital ads and advertising campaigns, it is also necessary to integrate additional data (e.g., from marketing) for optimized addressing of individual users across various platforms.

In order to provide our customers with the best possible support in the targeting of product- or job-related ads based on their existing setting, we have been working successfully for years with Productsup as our partner and standard product-to-consumer platform (P2C). However, we also have a lot of experience with other tools and implement optimizations on any existing stack. We pursue a P2C strategy with the goal of listing your products on a wide variety of platforms in a target group and channel-specific manner. This includes

  • Online marketplaces such as Amazon, Alibaba, Otto and eBay

  • Search engines such as Google Shopping, YouTube and Microsoft Shopping

  • Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest, which are increasingly becoming social commerce channels with their own store functions

As part of a holistic omnichannel approach, our service offering also includes marketing measures to strengthen your physical and local retail stores.

Enable your customers to buy from you when and where they are ready

The corona pandemic has massively changed shopping behavior. Online and omnichannel shopping have skyrocketed, and new channels are emerging. The e-commerce world is changing at breathtaking speed, and users are adapting their research and buying behaviors to the changing environment at an increasingly accelerated rate.

To keep up with this development, classic ads and small-scale feed optimizations do not help. Multiple sales and long-term customer loyalty can only be achieved if your e-commerce strategy is user-centric. We are convinced that digital empathy is the prerequisite for creating personalized shopping experiences, truly reaching your target groups and building lasting brand loyalty. That's why we provide efficient and executional support to design, implement and evolve your own personal P2C strategy.

Effective PIM systems with optimized product data that are largely automated enable you to offer your customers real added value. The right e-commerce content creates the content basis for providing relevant information along the entire purchase decision to the right users. But even if you offer the most modern e-commerce platform or the most sophisticated online store, if you don't pick people up in their own life situations and proactively convince them of your offerings, the investment will not translate into sustainable, scalable value creation. As digital performance marketing experts, we help you connect with potential buyers everywhere.

We design the right steps with you to identify customer needs and play out your products as a suitable response via ads proactively along the entire purchase decision, from inspiration to transaction. Advertising platforms have long since offered more diverse ad formats and campaign types than the classic search ad on Google or image ads on Facebook. In order to achieve significant and sustainable value-creating success, commerce and shopping ads must also be designed to be as personalized as possible and geared to different customer motives. While one customer is initially only interested in the various colors of a dress she saw in a YouTube video, another is interested in discovering which accessories she can combine it with. A third will want to know which brand it is from and what specific length it is in size S, while yet another is already thinking about whether she can afford it right from the start.

We use our know-how, experience and professional tools to ensure that your products are staged in the right format and with the right message along the entire customer journey. Instead of getting tangled up in consolidating and managing increasingly confusing data and ad opportunities, you can focus on what matters: providing top products, clear and versatile USPs, best service, and buying experiences that delight your customers.

Here's how we help you transform your digital commerce ecosystem

To ensure that you can use your product data today and tomorrow in a resource-efficient and profitable way, we are at your side with the following services:

We act as your full-service partner and take care of the preparation or optimization of your product data, the provision of exports, the setup of any platform accounts that may be required for the connection, the control of product ads, and the monitoring and reporting of performance data.

As a transparent and professional partner, we always set up accounts on behalf of our customers: you are always the owner with full access to the accounts.

Why a well-maintained product catalog alone is no longer good enough today

The main thing is that the product catalog is up-to-date - and everything is good. Unfortunately, this statement is no longer true in times of profound change in retail. The data must be prepared specifically for very different channels and still always have a recognition value or brand essence.

The goal is for consumers to perceive your products as familiar and of high quality at all times and in all places. In doing so, we create a solid foundation for providing the right inventory from the search engines' Merchant Center to Meta Commerce Manager to Amazon Seller Central or other price and product search engines.

In doing so, feed provisioning is not a one-way street, but interactive. Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly important in feed optimization in order to be able to take customer reactions into account in a timely manner and create personalized shopping experiences. We create the necessary data basis for this via lean and effective campaign structures, geared to your customers, as well as the linking of all digital ad planning and ad placements with your product data. All the way to the interactive presentation of product information within and in addition to YouTube shorts or TikToks.

Transparency in information and sustainability of advertising impact are already in focus. The Metaverse with its Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs), i.e. proofs of ownership of digital content, and many other new marketing opportunities are just taking off. Staying on the ball here and setting up product data management accordingly is one of the biggest challenges for companies. We can help you - shape your P2C transformation with our experts and be among the beneficiaries of change!

Did you know that data feeds also enable you to stay ahead in recruiting?

In recent years, HR colleagues have also increasingly discovered the advantages of digital job ads for themselves. Job boards such as Indeed and Stepstone offer opportunities to publish their own job ads directly to them from profiled job tools. With its Google Jobs services, Google even goes so far as to crawl job ads from its own website in order to offer them to potentially interested applicants on its own platform.

But at the latest, anyone who wants to use premium services on these portals or also on LinkedIn to address their job advertisements really prominently and to possibly specific target groups within the framework of paid job advertisements will quickly reach their limits with the native functions. Here, too, the individual providers have different requirements for the data basis for publication.

What's more, candidates with different priorities also move around on the individual platforms during their search. This means that sometimes it is more important to start with the requirements for applicants, while at other times the focus should be on the content of the jobs.

Those who do not want to create their job advertisements separately for each platform and adapt them to the respective needs of the users located there are left with two options: Disappointed with the results, turn off this recruiting channel again and turn to potential recruiters with high investments. Or to successfully activate the target group for the filling of vacancies through the structured, tool-supported, scalable preparation of jobs for the respective platform.

As a digital service provider ourselves, we know the complexity in recruitment. With our expertise in emotional user activation on digital channels, we know how to successfully communicate your content in ads. By using a central posting-to-candidate platform, we create an effective refinement and distribution of your vacancies on relevant job portals, with a significantly more efficient investment compared to traditional recruitment.

Frequently asked questions about product feed optimization

Yes, especially for stores with a small product range, optimization via a feed management tool allows the right products to be played out to the right target group on the right platform with the right information.

Don't despair - let's talk about it! With the help of existing APIs to the most common store systems and our own crawlers, we can create the necessary basis for targeted product display, even without a dedicated feed!

Yes, the most common large job portals offer the possibility to feed job offers and explicit ads via an API. If your applicant management or HR tool does not offer a connection, we can effectively bring your job ads to the platforms for publication through structured preparation and delivery. We use various state-of-the-art tools to find the most relevant keywords for your target group. After an intensive keyword research, we evaluate the keywords according to the needs of your target group. Finally, the comparison with data from existing campaigns allows us to identify the most relevant keywords for your goals.

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