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Content marketing has emerged from the buzzword shadows and has become an important building block in your marketing mix

In order for you to use this building block effectively, content marketing and content strategy must mesh across your organization.

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Oliver Ibelshäuser
Head of Content Marketing & Editorial

Several components are defined in the content marketing strategy, such as:

The vision

What should your content marketing stand for in terms of content?

The goals

What should your content marketing specifically aim to achieve?

The tonality

How can you ensure that all departments and external service providers speak your language?

You define these components before you start your content marketing measures in order to act in a targeted manner. We would be happy to support you in this step with a one-day workshop.

Content marketing

The actual content marketing is the core of your marketing measures and includes above all the production of the content. This is where the implementation of your visions and goals developed in the content marketing strategy takes place. From keyword and topic research to the editorial plan and the production and promotion of your content, we cover the entire value chain. The tone of voice is implemented here according to your wishes and we are also available to you for the distribution of the content after the production has been completed.

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